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The Lord's Prayer -- 
Introduction to the Prayer

Introduction to The Lord's Prayer [part 1 of 3]

The First Words say...

After This manner, therefore pray ye,...

God has a plan for "saintly praying."

We are introduced to praying to God in a habitual way with these poignant words:

"After this manner, therefore pray."

Greek, "manner"

3779 ουτω houto hoo’-to or (before a vowel) ουτως houtos hoo’-toce
from 3778; ; adv
AV-so 164, thus 17, even so 9, on this wise 6, likewise 4, after this manner 3, misc 10; 213
1) in this manner, thus, so

Greek, "Pray"

4336 προσευχομαι proseuchomai pros-yoo’-khom-ahee
from 4314 and 2172; TDNT-2:807,279; v
AV-pray 83, make prayer 3, pray for 1; 87
1) to offer prayers, to pray

God is not Without Planning and Order.

So, too, is the way He intends for us to communicate with Him. A methodical means of approaching God to communicate is implied by these brief words. To begin our study with the actual text, please see:

Introduction to The Prayer:

"Our Father in Heaven"