Kevin & Debi Daly 

Journey to Freedom in Marriage

from Broken Chains International


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Journey to Freedom in Marriage -- Kevin and Debi Daily

Kevin and Debi Daly recently presented their personal testimony of how they discovered "the Christ Life" in their The Journey to Freedom in Marriage then again at our church in their Christ Life Conference held in April, 2007. We offer this sample of the Conference to assist you in finding the Freedom they have found in this excellent presentation of the Christ-filled Life.

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Duplicated but Important Concepts 
from the Christ-Life Conference

Do you have An Accurate Concept of God?

  • See the Diagrams Page 9 and Page 10 
  • You can Find out what your real view of God is by attending the conference as pages 5-10 are covered.

Are you living a life dominated by the flesh?

  • John 6:63 says

    It is the Spirit that quickeneth (makes alive);
    the flesh profiteth nothing:
    the words that I speak
    unto you, they are spirit,
    and they are life.

  • Ask yourself these questions: "What I do to cope when things do not go my way..."
    • Do I Become Pessimistic by lacking confidence and optimism?
    • Do I try to Stay in Control by blackmailing? manipulating? giving the silent treatment? not eating?
    • Do I Challenge others by Resisting Authority? Becoming argumentative, rigid, inflexible, closed minded, stubborn obstinate, unreasonable, or unyielding?
    • Do I Become self absorbed  (self-consumed) by feeling sorry for myself? engaging in self pity? beating up on myself (hating myself) ?

    All of the above and many more are just processes caused by the "flesh-controlled life which you can become free from each when you become aware of these lies from the evil one. 

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Are You Sure You are a Christian?

  • Christ Life Begins at the event called "Salvation" -- 
    Read my tract called A Simple Bible Study on Believing in John to find out how to be saved. 
  • If you are skeptical about Christianity, you might want to read a tract called The Most Astounding Claims Ever Made
  • If you're not sure you can Trust the Bible try reading Is the Bible Reliable?
  • Contact someone who will pray for you and give you helpful information: