Handy Dandy Evolution Refuter

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Table of Contents HDER Table of Contents
Preface HDER Preface

The Author / Creation-Science Research Center HDER Author-CSRC
Introduction HDER Introduction

HDER Chapter 1    1. Science, Religion, Creation and Evolution
HDER Chapter 2 2. The Crucial Failure of Darwin: Design in Nature
HDER Chapter 3    3. Life from Chemicals: Theory and Improbability
HDER Chapter 4 4. Would Evolution Violate Known Physical Law?
HDER Chapter 5 5. Can Mutations and Natural Selection Create New Species With New Complex Organs?
HDER Chapter 6  6. Molecular Biology and Evolutionary Theory
HDER Chapter 7 7. Fossils: Created or Evolved
HDER Chapter 8 8. Fossil Man: Separating People from Apes
HDER Chapter 9    9. Fossils and Geology: Slow or Fast?
HDER Chapter 10  10. Evidences for Evolution: Can Creation Explain Them?
HDER Chapter 11  11. The Core Scientific Argument for Creation
HDER Chapter 12  12. How Old Is the Earth?
HDER Chapter 13 13. Scientific Evidence for a Young Earth
HDER Chapter 14  14. The World We Live In

HDER Appendix 1  Appendix 1: What the Bible Is All About and the Reason for Handy Dandy
HDER Appendix 2  Appendix 2: The How & Why of Teaching Origins Interpretations & Theories In The Public Schools
HDER Appendix 3  Appendix 3: What Students Can Do to Counterattack Evolution and Change Their Schools
HDER Further Study  For Further Study




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