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Kent Hovind's TEXT ONLY Seminar Outline

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Major Points Covered in the Video Series

by Dr. Kent Hovind
Part 1 A-Big Bang, Big Dud
.Four great questions
-Who am I?
-Where did I come from?
-Why am I here?
-Where am I going when I die?
.Two irreconcilable world views:
.Satan's lie to Eve
-Masked his own desire to be God
-Began his 6,000 year attempt to destroy humanity
-Began a false worldview of evolving to godhood
.Big lies are believed more easily than small ones
.Effectual lies are mixed with truth
.Technique used in advertising
.Modern science textbooks mix evolution and science
.Textbooks confuse six types of evolution
-Cosmic evolution ( Big Bang -origin of matter)
-Chemical evolution (higher chemical)
-Planetary and stellar evolution (origin of the stars)
-Organic evolution (origin of life)
-Macroevolution ( unobserved)
-Microevolution (variation)
.Fairy tales are taught in school
-Frog + kiss = prince
-Frog + time = prince
.Evidence against the Big Bang
.Evolution violates both laws of thermodynamics
.Students are taught they are animals
.Many students behave like animals
.Teachers can teach creation in public schools
.Decline in morals since 1963
.Scientists have a long history of being wrong
.Majority of Americans do not believe in evolution
.Belief in evolution will destroy confidence in Scripture
Part 1 B- The Age of the Earth
.Proofs of a young universe
-Earth's population
-Spinning galaxies
-Lunar dust
-Earth's magnetic field
-Earth's rotational speed

-Underground oil pressure
-Ice cores in Greenland & Antarctica
-Mississippi River delta
-Methuselah tree
-Great Barrier Reef
-Niagara Falls
-Ocean salinity
-Stalactite & stalagmite formation
-Short period comets
-Continental erosion
-Oldest writings
Part 2- The Garden of Eden
.People who scoff at the Bible are "willingly ignorant"
of the creation and the flood
.Originally created world was different
.Gap Theory
.Day-Age Theory
.Pre-flood water canopy
-Why people lived to be over 900 years old
-Why dinosaurs grew so big
-Hyper baric chamber
.Cave Men
-Nebraska Man
-Piltdown Man
-Neanderthal Man
.Huge animals and plants lived before the flood
.0 Dinosaurs lived with man before the flood
.God's original diet
.God's promise to restore the earth
Part 3 A-Dinosaurs and the Bible
.Dinosaurs on the Ark
.Flood Legends
.Noah's Ark discovered? -two possibilities
.Most dinosaurs died shortly after the flood
-Different climate
-Man's hunting
.Dinosaurs mentioned in the Bible
.Dinosaurs in history
Part 3 B-Dinosaurs Today
.Could a few dinosaurs still be alive?
.Thousands of sightings in remote places
-Mokele-Mbembe in Africa
-Loch Ness
-Japanese catch
~ Lake Champlain, Vermont
-Off the coast of Pensacola, Florida
Part 4-Lies in the Textbooks?
.Public school textbooks are one of the main tools used
to turn students away from Christianity
.Many "proofs" for evolution were disproved years
ago-and are still in the textbooks
-The Geologic Column uses circular reasoning
-Macroevolution assumed
-Mutations do not improve a species nor create
new ones
-Small does not mean simple
.Parents need to be alert against brainwashing
.Students should look for alternative explanations for
what we observe in nature
-Common bone structure in fore limbs.
-Common Ancestor?
-Common Designer!
.Things parents and students can do:
-Encourage textbook selection committees and
school boards to follow laws requiring textbooks
to be accurate
-Remove false material from textbooks
Options to take until new books can be
-Cut out or black out false information.
-Glue pages together if they have false
-Place warning stickers in the front of each
-Give students booklets detailing errors.
-Get on textbook selection committees.
-Get book publishers to print error-free
editions for your district.
.Do not confront teachers publicly
.Many students allow teachers and classmates to watch
our video series on creation
Part 5- The Dangers of Evolution
.Origin of the Species made the world worse
.Satan's lie rehashed
.Many men based their destructive philosophies on
-Adolf Hitler
-Joseph Stalin
-Pol Pot
-Benito Mussolini
-J ohn D. Rockefeller
.They use evolution as an excuse to enslave others
.Only one solution: II Chronicles 7:14
Part 6- The Hovind Theory
.The myth of Pangea
.Cause of the world wide flood
.Ice Age and how it fits in with the Bible
.How the Grand Canyon was formed
.Origin of coal, natural gas, oil, limestone, etc.
.Ice Meteor Theory
-Break up in Earth's magnetic field
-Lands in polar regions
-Instant Ice Age
-Frozen mammoths
-Cracks in the Earth's crust
.Earth flooded by three sources:
1. Water from pre-flood canopy
2. "Fountains of the deep" breaking up
3. Ice Meteor from space
.Dead animals deposited and turned to fossils, oil and
natural gas
.Huge forests buried and turned to coal
.Mountains lifted up
" .Grand Canyon formed
.Geologic features explained
Part 7 -Question and Answer Session
.Explanation for billions of light-years from stars
.Supposed contradictions in the Bible
.Carbon Dating
.Where did the races come from?
.Origin of races
.Great Pyramid
.Does God get old?
.Much more!