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2007 Creation Science Evangelism Seminar

These disks are available for purchase (in 2007 for $99.00) at the Creation Science Evangelism website if you prefer to purchase. Download all files in each folder and save them to a hard drive or to dvds with your own burner. Spread the Word!


Most of these DVD disk files are too big for download from this server. We have downloaded the most significant, but we recommend a direct purchase in lieu of downloads. We will burn copies for evangelism's sake for anyone locally desiring to get a copy without purchasing from CSE. Please call us if you would like a copy burned. You must supply blank dvds for this service. Call 860-528-7205.

You might also be interested in securing the Debates and/or In-Depth Class Sessions available from www.freehovind.com/  The links are copied below from their website from 12-11-07 for your convenience.

Answering Critics (8) (See http://freehovind.com/download for updated links if these do not work.)
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Answering Carl Marychurch Download Download    
Answering Carl Marychurch 2 Download Download    
Answering Carl Marychurch 3 Download Download    
Answering Talk Origins Download Download    
Answering Dave Thomas & Stephen Meyers Download Download    
Answering Bankruptcy, Buddika, & $250,00 Offer Download Download    
Answering Peter Ruckman & Hugh Ross Download Download    
Answering Hank Hanegraafl & AnswersInGenesis Download Download    
Extras (5)
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The Bible and Health Download Download    
100 Reasons why evolution is stupid Download Download    
Make money and spend it God's way Download Download    
Magic Tricks & How To Do Them Download Download    
Redeeming the Straw Man Download Download    
America (1)
College Courses (1)
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All CSE Classes as AVI Files       Download
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2008 Aug31 Update from their web site, should some of the above links no longer work:

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