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Kent Hovind

Several years ago now I saw Kent Hovind present his seminar at my church.

For 40 years he believed the premillennial dispensational return of Christ, but has sadly renounced this for Marv Rosenthal's reformed theology denial in favor of millennial alternative eschatology. His early presentations of Creationism are none-the-less excellent to learn from discounting the sources listed which are mostly dead in favor of updated information.

WMV formats below are greatly improved and with more variety in a "Youtube" search. But Hovind is very much chagrinned online the observer should quickly note.

Seminar  1

Seminar 2

Seminar 3

Seminar 4

Seminar 5

Seminar 6

Seminar 7

Other Q and A are available for the interest of a search.

Creation Answers convert people! When first hearing Hovind a young mother had been attending our church with her daughter.
Her husband was an agnostic at least, but sincere enough to ask questions.
After seeing his wife's consistent testimony for many months, he heeded his wife's invitation to come
and hear this Creation speaker. 
At the conference, he listened objectively, and before the 3 day conference was over,
purchased a set of the videos to view in depth at home. Every question he had about his secular teaching on evolution had been answered in a reasonable way.
The man was converted, baptised and continued in church as member for a number of years. This was amazing to me.

Although I do not hold to his views on Bible Translations
(For views I agree with and espouse see:
Common Sense About Bible Translations),
 and I consider with caution some things I heard at our church after his seminar regarding
his timeline and explanations of "conspiracy theories,"
BUT for one to believe in only half of what he teaches will be sufficient evidence to become a young earth creationist, and more importantly, a Christian.

A word about Dr. Hovind's 9 year incarceration: We can see no reason for it constitutionally. We are grateful for his release and
pray that full resolution of issues he is currently facing can be resolved biblically. He will be attempting to resume and complete his vision of a theme park to promote creationism, even in spite of his son's rejection of his methodologies. He stood for Constitution truths that many misunderstand today.
Unfortunately, as many of us are now seeing nationally,
there are a lot of unconstitutional things going on these days.
Please pray for a revival in America so that more people can be evangelized, and more missionaries sent to the world. (

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