Common Sense About Bible Translations

Pastor Bim Rowley

Sun Evening Nov 11, 18, 2007

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Nov 18

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Nov 11 service:

The paper above presents a review of what has become a very divisive issue among Fundamental Baptists in the last 40 - 50 years. It involves the addition of many new versions of the Bible which have surfaced during these years.

1. Why God gave us the Bible is discussed: a) to be saved, b) to have faith, c) to become pleasing to God, and d) to prosper in whatever we do, first, and second the advantages people have when they possess a Bible they can read are: a) people without a Bible are dependant upon those who do have one, and b) People possessing a Bible are free from spiritual bondage, can verify if things preached are so, and can rightly divide the Word. 2 Ti 2:15

2. The reasons the Bible needs to be translated into the common tongue of the people are given: a) If you don't know the language, you will not understand what you are reading, b) an understandable translation is revolutionary to those who understand it, c) The 1611 English Language is becoming less understood as time passes.

3. God did not choose the languages of the Bible to obscure it's truth. The languages used were always a "common" language to the people to whom they were given. 

On the contrary, God chose a language that would enable everyone in the word to read and understand it.

4. Jesus and His disciples used a translation of the OT that was less accurate but more understandable, rather than using what one would think proper: more accurate but less understandable:

OT editions available: 

a) LXX (Septuagint--a Greek rendering of the Hebrew/ Aramaic copies made by the scribes). 

b) The less-known-to-the-world Aramaic and Hebrew copies.

5. History has already proven that translations can be revered to an extent that they actually prevent future study of the Bible: The case discussed is the Latin Vulgate.

6. The KJV translators did not consider their work inspired.

7. The King James Version is not the most accurate translation available today. A) A relative large number of words were found no where but in the KJV which made them difficult to understand because nothing could be compared to them to gain a better understanding of their meaning. B) The Koine Greek of the NT was a language not even discovered until the late 1800's. C) Archaeology had not yet confirmed all the things we now know due to recent unearthed evidences.

Nov 18 service:

8. The LXX (Septuagint) in some places added dozens of words to cover what the Massoretic Text (MT- the common Hebrew accepted standard by scholars) stated-- showing that, in places, it was highly inaccurate. Yet it was quoted more that the MT by both Jesus and the Apostles.

But this does not validate the inaccuracies-- it means that Bible study requires serious study or "diligence" to gain an understanding of the text.


Dear Bible Believing Friends,

We are living in amazing days with a multitude of signs Jesus is coming soon. Lets lay this issue to rest and get about the soul-winning we ought to be focusing on!

Sincerely in Him,