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bullet Have You Ever tract
bullet A Simple Bible Study tract
bullet Un Estudio BÝblico
same tract in Spanish
bullet After You Believe
tract - incorporates PNB for Christian growth
bullet 04 Four Great Questions
bullet Giving -- Biblical Teachings
bullet The Key to Prosperity
bullet Reasons I believe that Jesus Christ is God
bullet The Gift of God's Eternal Life Good Works/Bad Works and eternal salvation!
bullet Whosoever Verses New from the CWNT
bullet God the Great Giver
bullet The Most Amazing Gift Ever Given

The 1980 Prayer Notebook (thumbnail graphics of the first printed PNB)

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bulletRecenty added!
bullet Large 14pt PDF pocket edition!
bulletA Pocket Edition kjv and nkjv
bullet A Prayer Text from APN.pdf for brevity but fervency.
bullet Disp Rapture Arguments -BLR
bulletUpdated Freedom Index
bullet Meditation on the Father by Charles H Spurgeon
bulletThe Changed Connection -- Jim Berg's "Changed Into His Image" links and studies we are continuing to do.
bullet Broken Chains Intl -- Living the Christ Life -- Kevin & Debi Daly's ministry of Counseling
bullet Prayer Notebook's Pastor Rowley Source Page
bulletYann & Dawn Jouan Serving in France, Cameroon, West Africa

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Pastor Bim Rowley Messages Page

New editing and arranging of Pastor's documents will occur here. Other authors will be included with this highlight to differentiate from messages not authored by BLR.

Pastor Rowley has authored a number of excellent papers. Some are given here. Others are available by unlinked files. Those interested in securing the link are invited to email me ()for the link.

bulletIs The Bible Reliable?
bulletKoran Errors
bulletThe Most Astounding Claims Ever Made By A Human Being
bulletGreek Manuscripts, Translations, & Preservation of the Original Text
bullet11 Simple Principles of Bible Interpretation
bulletDoctrines of Modern Faith Healers
bulletFaith Healing Today
bulletCommon Sense Hermeneutics
bulletOutline of End Time Events
bulletYour Best Defense
bulletConstitution of Truth Baptist Church
bulletMemory Verses for Stability
bulletMemory Verses including text
bulletMemorial Day 29May04 Excellent FREEDOM Sermon Text. Hear it here or at TBC's Freedom's Origins
bulletCommon Sense About Bible Translations Nov 2007
bulletNecessity of Dispensational Biblical Interpretation (Men's Meeting for 12/2009)
bulletEvidence for a Pre-tribulation Rapture (July 24, 2011) Most convincing message I have ever heard about the reality of a Pretribulation rapture.
bulletDownload documents:
bullet The_Necessity_of_Dispensational_Interpretation20091228.wpd
bullet The Necessity of Ages, Stages, and Varying Expectations.doc

bulletJohn Walvoord also explains this well: :
bullet The Theological Context of Premillennialism
bullet John F Walvoord
bullet Reflections on Dispensationalism
bullet John F Walvoord
bullet Rapture and the Book of Revelation (excellent 30 min audio)
bullet Fifty Arguments for the Pretribulation Rapture
(A Series Conclusion)

bulletThe Unprofitable Servant
bulletThe Four Kinds of Soils May 15
bulletRevelation Series
bulletRevelation Series from 2010-2011
bulletRev (series) ch 9-The Curse of Demonic Influence -TBC-61409-am.mp3
bulletThe Great-White-Throne [notes only]
bulletNo More Curse Rev 22:3 May 15
bullet Bridge Tract Evangelism help.
bulletFrom the 1 Corinthians Series of 2013
bulletFeb 24 2013 The Wisdom of God 2: 6-16
(Excellent message explaining how God communicates with man in an understandable manner.)
bulletGod's Plan for Israel -- MP3 (37.3MB) Presented January 24, 2016, this message shows clearly the fallacious components of Reformed Theology
that attempts to rewrite the NT excluding Israel by spiritualizing Israel as the Church.

Our notes, for now are given at Israel-In-God's-Plan.htm

Other Speakers/ Scripture Documents/ and Subject Messages

bullet Ben Everson Evangelist The Power of Music Sermon 09aug25
bullet Introduction and song, I'll Pray Again (mp3 file) 8.5MB
bullet Message The Power of Music (mp3 file) 29MB 43 min
bullet blog:
bullet John Goetch-Scripture Only Sermon Text 2 of 3 (mp3 file)
bullet Introduction 1 of 3 (mp3 file)
bullet Closing, Invitation 3 of 3 (mp3 file)