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Your Best Defense

It is a terrifying experience to stand accused in a courtroom before a judge. The prosecutor is stern and ready. The witnesses are eager to testify against you. The judge has your life, your future in his authority. Your palms sweat. Your body shakes. You feel sick. You head feels faint. Your attorney tries but his arguments seem weak, half-hearted, unconvincing. You know that you are going to do time. Years. Years locked away from family. Years of wasted time. Time precious time that will never be regained or retrieved. Shame. Everyone knows. Television, radio, the newspapers. My parents are disgraced. People stare at my wife and children. They try to run. They cry. But the whole world knows. I am guilty.

If only I could reverse my crime. If only I could have a second chance, but it is too late. My sentence is pronounced. Oh dear God, what have I done?

Maybe you have faced that feeling. It is one of the most frightening of all human experiences. However according to the Bible every human being will one day stand before another Judge. Consider some facts from the Bible about that judgment.

Fact 1--Jesus Christ Himself will be the Judge.

Fact 2--Every human being will be brought to stand before God.

Fact 3--God's word will be the law against which our life will be judged.

Fact 4--Before we have opportunity to give a defense, two things will be presented.

First--God's righteous standard.

Second--Every thought, word, action, and deed will then be made known before all the beings of the universe.

Every fact will be clearly revealed about our life--nothing will be suppressed or hidden.

Our thoughts, our words, our actions, our attitudes, our motives--even our idle, careless, thoughtless and useless words will be known.

Fact 5--Once the standard is known and our deeds are presented, not one person will be able to make a defense. The most articulate mouth will be stopped.

Fact 6--There is only one adequate line of defense.

If the wrong approach is used, it will mean instant, eternal punishment.

  • Do not include your "good works."
  • Do not include your "religious affiliation."
  • Do not include miracles, or prophecies, or supernatural events that you have experienced.

According to the Bible the only persons who will be saved from eternal punishment are those that--

1. Freely admit that they are guilty, hell-deserving, helpless, without the slightest degree of merit, and totally incapable of doing anything to accomplish their own salvation.

In simple terms they are saying to God--You are right Lord, I am a sinner who cannot save myself and if I get what I truly deserve, I will face eternal damnation.

2. Believe that Jesus Christ is truly Lord and God. What He did on the cross was significant because of Who He is.

3. Believe that Jesus Christ shed His blood as our substitute, that He died, and that He rose again from the dead. His resurrection is proof that He was who He claimed to be.

4. Personally ask Him to save you.

--edited by cpl; bim l rowley, pastor, truth baptist church originally written 5-1-94