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Facts & Faith

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Published by Truth Baptist Church

Volume II Summer 1991

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Explosion or Creation? Page 2
Count the Stars Page 4
The Bible-- A Medical Book? Page 5
A Perplexity to Evolutionists Page 6
Moon Dust--A Proof of Creation Page 6

What About the Fossil Record? Page 8
Comic Fiction of Missing Links Page 10


The Bible and Science--

Slime to slime, no purpose, no goal,
no life beyond the grave--


--a robber of dignity, a justification for
prejudice and hatred, an excuse for suicide,
murder, abortion, and rape. Marx, Hitler,
Lenin, Stalin, Mao Tse Tung--names of
some of its greatest adherents.

Creation--verified by science,
taught in the Bible and revealed by the

Creation--in the image of God,
by His power, through His wisdom, for His

Creation--marked by perfection,
beauty, attention to intricate detail--both in
the vast expanses of the universe and in the
smallest cell and atom. The same God
loves you and has a beautiful purpose for
your life.

Which is most scientific? This
Facts and Faith deals with this question.


Examine the Facts

We believe
that an honest
evaluation of
facts will
result in the
conclusion that
evolution is a
myth--an attempt
to explain the
origin of the
universe without belief in God.

Discoveries in biology, astronomy,
geology, archaeology, physics and
paleontology have shown the
impossibility of this theory.

Consider the Bible Claims
Concerning Creation

Genesis 1:1 states, "In the beginning God
created the heaven and the earth." The Fourth
Commandment says, "...for in six days the LORD
made heaven and earth, the sea, and all that in them is..."

Exodus 20:11
The prophet Jeremiah proclaims, "Ah,
Lord GOD, behold thou hast made the heaven and earth by
Thy great power and stretched out arm, and nothing is too
hard for you" Jeremiah 32:17


Did Jesus Christ Believe in Creation?

A study of the gospels reveals
Jesus Christ's view of creation. When
speaking about the coming period of
tribulation, Jesus said, "For in those days
there will be tribulation, such as has not been from the
beginning of creation which God created until this time..."

Mark 13:19. Jesus believed that God was
the author of the "creation". In Mark 10:6
we see that man and woman were directly
created from the start and were not the
end result of a 4,000,000,000 year process,
"But from the beginning of the creation God made them
male and female."

Consider also Matthew 19:4
where Jesus said, "Have you not read that He
who made them at the beginning made them male and
Surely no person who claims to
believe in Jesus Christ could doubt the
truth of creation.

Explosion or Creation

An interesting point of
controversy in our day exists over the
question of the origin of the earth and
the solar system. How did such perfect
order and the delicate natural balance
come about--trees, flowers, birds, fish,
animals, oceans, streams, seasons,
stars, planets, galaxies, etc. The Bible
says that an infinitely wise God
created all things by His Son, Jesus
Christ, "For by Him were all things created" Colossians

In Isaiah 45:12, God declares, "I have
made the earth and created man upon it, I even My hands
stretched out the heavens."
Continued next page Others today say the earth and
heavens came about from an
explosion of gases 4 billion
years ago. Which is most
"scientific" to believe? Is it
scientific to believe that
perfect order can come from an
explosion? A visit to Iraq after
allied bombing should be evidence

Do you believe a delicate and
beautiful Swiss watch could come
from an explosion in a steel mill
or that a dictionary could come
from an explosion in a print shop?
If these ideas are preposterous,
what honest person could believe
that all the beauties and
perfections of nature could
result from an explosion of hot
poisonous gases. Is this


Maxims of Science

Years of experimentation and
analysis have resulted in the
discovery of several natural laws
that govern the physical universe.
Consider a couple of these.
This law called the First Law
of Thermodynamics was developed
by a Christian physicist, James
Joule, and physicist Hermann von
Helmholtz in the 1800's. No
exceptions to this law have ever
been found.
An honest person must ask,
where did the abundant energy of
the universe come from in the
first place? Atheistic evolution
has no credible answer that
conforms with this universal
principle of science. However the
Bible reveals that God is the
source of all things.
God Himself is not only the
Author of the universe but of the
laws that govern it. At the time of
creation He set in place the First
Law of Thermodynamics.
Raw energy out of control or
having no order only creates
destruction and havoc--consider
Hiroshima and Nagasaki. This
brings us to the Second Law of

Entropy measures the
randomness, or disorder, in a
system. As energy is used it is
not destroyed but it becomes less
able to do work. For example, a
gallon of gasoline contains much
useful energy. However once it is
burned, its heat is randomly
distributed into the atmosphere
and is no longer capable of doing
work. The same is true of the sun.

Continued next page


the sun burns and its energy is
dissipated throughout the galaxy,
the useable energy in the solar
system is diminished. Every
housewife knows that things do
not tend toward order and cleanli-
ness by accident. It takes a lot
of work to pick up, spruce up, and
tidy up a house.

Common Sense Observations

This law also is true in the
realm of biology. Left to itself, a
prize winning herd of cattle will
degenerate into a bunch of scrawny
Texas longhorns. A prize winning
apple orchard will degenerate over
time into a few run-down trees
with a few scabby apples.

God's Love Demonstrated

We can be thankful that for the
present time God actively works
to prevent the heavens and earth
from running down before His pur-
poses are fulfilled. The Bible
says that "He upholds all things by the word
of His power" and "by Him all things consist [are
held together]." Even so the day is
coming that God will allow the
earth and heavens to run down. This
will demonstrate that things have-
n't simply held together by acci-
dent in contradiction to physical

Consider the words of He-
brews 1:10-12, "You Lord, in the beginning have
laid the foundation of the earth,
And the heavens are the work of Your hands;
They will perish, but You remain;
And they will all grow old like a garment;
Like a cloak You will fold them up and they shall
be changed.

Agreement of Bible and Physical Law

The Bible conforms with the
scientific stating that the earth
and heavens will "grow old like a garment."
Just as clothing gets old and
wears out so will the creation.
How can people believe the
incredible science fiction of
evolution? The Bible explains that
people who believe such absurdi-
ties are "willfully ignorant" that God
created the earth and they "are with-
out excuse."

Count the Stars

Another testimony to the
accuracy of the Bible is in the
realm of astronomy. Jeremiah 33:22
says, "The host of heaven cannot be numbered."
Scripture also compares the
number of stars to the number of
grains of sand on the seashore in
Genesis 22:17. These passages
which indicate that the number of
stars is beyond counting were
regarded by skeptics of centuries
ago as a source of amusement.
They were certain that the stars
numbered only the thousand or so
that could be seen by the naked
eye. Therefore, the Bible's
references to huge numbers were
obviously wrong. OR WERE THEY?

Galileo's optic tubes, the first telescopes used for viewing the

It was not until 1609, when
Galileo turned his first
telescope toward the heavens that
scientists slowly came to
realize that the number was far
greater than originally believed.
Today, modern astronomers know
that the number of stars in our own
galaxy alone is in the billions.
Some estimate the total number of
stars to be at least ten sextillion.
Written out this number looks like
this: 10,000,000,000,000,000,000,000. Others
estimate that the number is as
high as one hundred octillion. Written
out this number looks like

Continued on the next page

God's Power Demonstrated

These numbers not only confirm
the accuracy of the Scriptures but
demonstrate the tremendous power
of Almighty God. After detailing
the creation of the sun and the
moon in Genesis 2:14-17, the Bible
simply states in verse 18, "He made
the stars also". Man cannot even count
the stars but for God creation of
multitude of stars was a feat so
small it is recorded in 5 simple


Man's Importance to God

This passage of scripture
also demonstrates the importance
of man to God. Five words are used
for one hundred octillion stars but
nearly 1 chapters detail God's
creation of man. Don't be fooled
into thinking that your soul is not
important to God. Jesus said, "For
what is a man profited if he shall gain the whole
world and lose his own soul?" Matthew 16:25

The individual human being is so
important to God that He sent His
only begotten Son into the world to
pay the price for man's sin. You
soul is worth more to God than all
the physical creation.

Forgiveness of sin and
everlasting life in heaven can be
yours by admitting to God your
need of a Savior and asking Christ
to save you.

The Bible--A Medical Book?

What about medical science?
One of its most important
discoveries is the importance of
the blood to the body. Blood
transfusions are a common and
effective treatment of many
disorders. This truth can also be
found in the Bible. In Leviticus
17:11, it states, "The life of the flesh is
in the blood." This statement,
written about 1400 B.C., illustrates
the importance of the blood to the
life of the body. God, who created
the human body, knew what
sustained it and revealed this to
the ancient Jews many centuries
before modern science discovered
As recently as the nineteenth
century, some doctors still
believed that sick persons should
have part of their blood drained
out of their bodies in order to aid
in healing. It was this very
practice of "bleeding" sick
patients that brought George
Washington's death on December 14,
1799. He caught acute laryngitis
on December 12. The doctors "bled"
him "heavily four times" and he
died soon after. Had the Word of God
been followed, such a practice,
which actually weakens the
patient, would have been avoided.


"After Their Kind"

One of the most interesting
discoveries of modern medical
science is the truth that the flesh
and blood of animals is not the
same as that of man. In the 1700's
the leading physician of Paris,

Jean Baptiste Denis, performed the
first authentically recorded blood
transfusion on human beings.
Unfortunately, he used lamb's blood
for the transfusion. One patient
died. He was charged with murder
in the courts. Blood transfusions
were not attempted again for more
than 200 years. At this time, human
blood was used.

Thus it must be observed that
it took medical science until the
19th century to discover a truth
that God had revealed to Moses
more than 33 centuries before;
namely, that each living species
is totally distinct from and
incompatible with every other. In
1400 B.C. Moses recorded, "And God made
the beasts of the earth after their kind, and the
cattle after their kind, and every living thing that
creeps on the ground after its kind." Genesis 1:25

The Apostle Paul had no
difficulty understanding this
truth in 55 A.D. when he wrote, "All flesh
is not the same flesh, but there is one flesh of
men, and another flesh of beasts, and another
flesh of birds, and another of fish." 1 Corinthians 15:39


A Perplexity to Evolutionists

The truth of the uniqueness of
the species is especially
perplexing to evolutionists who
deny the direct creation of man and
animals by God. According to
their "theory" of evolution, all
life sprang up through one common
line of ancestry. This "theory"
requires the flesh and blood of all
species to be basically

However, modern
medical science has exposed the
fallacy of this "theory" through
"discovering" the totally distinct,
non-transferable, and incompatible
nature of the flesh and blood of
each species.
Should we not agree with
Jesus Christ that, "the scripture cannot
be broken" John 10:35?


Moon Dust--A Proof of

Exploration of the moon has
provided us with more evidence of
the trustworthiness of the Bible
and the flaws in evolutionary
thinking. Scientists know that
many millions of tons of cosmic
dust fall each year on both the earth and the moon.
We do not notice it here because of ero-
sion. But there is almost no ero-
sion on the moon. Thus, the dust
piles up continually on the moon's
surface. If, as evolutionists
believe, the universe is billions
of years old, the accumulation of
dust should be great, amounting to
many feet in depth.

Prior to the first moon land-
ing, most scientists predicted
that the loose lunar dust would be
between 50 and 100 feet in depth, pre-
senting grave difficulties for
the moon craft. One prediction of
only 12 feet was viewed with skep-
ticism by the scientific commu-
nity. When man finally reached the
moon, it was discovered that the
dust was between 1 inch and 3 inch-
es deep. Since there is no method
by which the dust could be carried
away, the shallowness of it means
that it has not been accumulating
for long. That, in turn, means that
the age of the moon and earth must
be measured in thousands of
years, not the millions or bil-
lions required for evolution to
have taken place. This dilemma
has been carefully avoided by most
scientific journals and the news


A Flat Earth?

What about the shape of the
earth? The Old Testament writer,
Isaiah, speaking of the Lord,
wrote, "It is He who sitteth upon the circle of
the earth." Isaiah 40:22

In 2000 B.C. Job
spoke, "He has inscribed a circle on the surface
of the waters, at the boundary of light and dark-
ness." Job 26:10

The Hebrew word translated
"circle" comes from a verb meaning
"draw round" or "make circle". A
similar noun means "circle in-
strument" or "compass". Both Job and
Isaiah, writing under God's inspi-
ration, revealed that the earth was
a round sphere in their time (be-
fore 700 B.C.), even though modern
science did not abandon its flat
earth theories until the fifteenth
century voyages of Columbus and


What Came First, The
Chicken or the Egg?

This question is a dilemma
only to those without faith in God.
The Bible has the obvious answer.
"And God created...every winged
fowl after his kind..." Genesis 1:21 The
answer is clearly that God
the chick-
en with the
for laying
eggs used
to "let fowl
multiply in
the earth."
Genesis 1:22


Is Belief in God Unscientific?

A cursory study of science
history reveals that some of the
greatest scientists of all time
had strong faith in God and in the
Bible. Many of these attributed
their great accomplishments to
God's help to them.
Sir Isaac Newton was a diligent
student of the Bible as well as of
science. He wrote a number of
commentaries on various books
of the Bible including Daniel and


Robert Boyle, known to histori-
ans as the father of chemistry, stud-
ied the scriptures in their origi-
nal languages and dedicated his
scientific endeavors to witness-
ing to God's creation and control
of the universe. In his will he
designated funds for the "Boyle
Lectures," a series of sermons
each years to demonstrate that
Christianity is both intellectually
and scientifically more
defensible than any other opposing

Michael Faraday, an outstanding
English physicist, was a devote
Christian who attended a small
Bible-believing Presbyterian
church both on Sunday and the mid-
week service. A friend wrote, that
Faraday "drinks from a fount on
Sunday that refreshes his soul for
the week."

It would defy reason to say
that the faith of men such as Sir
Isaac Newton, James Boyle, or
Michael Faraday was the product of a
weak mind.

The following is a short list-
ing (by no means comprehensive) of
some key contributions of Bible-
believing scientists of the past.

1Scientist  2Date  3Key Contribution
======  ====  ===========

Francis Bacon 1561-1626 Scientific meth-

Johann Kepler 1571-1630 Scientific as-

Robert Boyle 1627-1691 Chemistry; Gas

Isaac Newton 1642-1727 Dynamics; Calculus;
Gravitational Law; Reflecting Telescope

Crolus Linneaus 1707-1778
Taxonomy; Biological classification

William Herschel 1738-1822
Galactic astronomy; Uranus

John Dalton 1766-1844 Atomic Theory

Michael Faraday 1791-1867 Electromagnetics

James Joule 1818-1889 Thermodynamics

Louis Pasteur 1822-1895
Bacteriology, Biochemistry, Sterilization

Gregor Mendel 1822-1884 Genetics

Lord Kelvin 1822-1907 Energetics, Absolute Temperature

Joseph Lister 1827-1912 Antiseptic surgery

Joseph Maxwell 1831-1879 Electrodynamics

William Ramsay 1852-1916  Isotopic chemistry, Element transmutation


What About The Fossil

The theory of evolution
contends that life appeared
"spontaneously" on the earth, and that
over millions of years life
forms changed and became more
complex. Man is assumed to be
the product of this process. Fos-
sils, the remains of dead plants
and animals, have left a record of
the organisms that have populat-
ed the earth. Does the fossil
record support evolution?

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The fossil record is the most
powerful evidence possible against
evolution. Of all the millions of
fossils that have been discovered
not one example of a transitional
form (part fish - part reptile, etc.)
has ever been found! If evolution
were true, the fossils should be
literally full of evidence of
these transitional forms. But,
this simply is not true. The
fossil record in rock layers shows
that fish have always been fish,
birds have always been birds, etc.
True "missing links" have never
been found. When a species appears
in the fossil layers it is fully
formed and recognizable as a
distinct member of a stable, major
animal or plant group.
Modern research has shown
that in recorded history species
are constantly moving toward
extinction. Every day we live more
than 50 species of life become

If evolution were true,
one would expect to see the process
providing multiplied examples
of emerging species. The
sincere seeker asks "where is the
emerging species?" Is it too much
to ask for one new species--one
type of life changing into anoth-
er? If the millions of existing
life forms did come from each
other, change should be the rule
not the exception. One man said,
"Incredible! One hundred million
years of evolution and no fossilized
transitional forms."


Comic Fiction of "Missing

Since Darwin's day,
evolutionists worldwide have
searched frantically to find one
example of a true "missing link".
If only one lizard could be found
with wings, or a fish with legs, or
a human with a tail,
evolutionists worldwide would
proclaim it from the housetops.
One might ask, what about all
elaborate evolutionary schemes
found in museums around the world-
-complete with models, pictures,
clothing, tools and even facial
expressions! The answer to this
is one of the most astounding
cover-ups of modern history. In
fine print you will find such terms
as "artist's interpretation", or
"presumed reconstruction," etc. In
truth the missing link fossil men
only exist in the fertile imaginations
of evolutionist.


Evolution's Fruit

No theory launched upon
mankind has made such an impact
as Darwin's theory of evolution.
This eliminates the problem of
accountability to God and all
absolute moral values.
Evolution accepts man as an
animal responsible only to

Since Bible has been
removed from public education and
the religious faith of evolution
substituted, America has slid
into a moral and spiritual
quagmire. Suicide, animalistic
murders, perverted sexual
behavior, drugs, divorce, abortion,
lying, stealing, rape, child abuse,
homosexuality, low achievement
and a host of other ills have
afflicted our nation.

There is only one solution for
America's problems--a return to
the solid foundation of the Bible
(and its morality) and faith in the
Lord Jesus Christ.


Consider Some Famous "Missing Links"

Nebraska Man

In the early 1920's, Henry Osborn,
Director of the American Museum
of Natural History, discovered a
tooth in a lonely sand hill in
Nebraska. He and several other
eminent scientists held a
postmortem examination on this
tooth. They declared it to be the
long-looked-for "missing link"
which the world awaited. This find
was publicized far and wide as the
ancient Nebraska "ape-man".
However upon more through
examination of the site, the
entire skeleton was found. The
ancient ape-man was neither ape
nor man but an extinct pig!

Piltdown Man

In 1953 the scientific
community declared that the
missing link had finally been
found. It was later discovered
that Piltdown man was a
sophisticated hoax. A human
skull and an ape jawbone had been
placed together and artificially
treated to make them appear much
older than they were. The teeth had
been filed down to make them
appear man like. Piltdown man made
a monkey of the experts!

Java Man

In 1891, Dubois discovered the
top of a skull. A year later a
femur bone and some teeth. The
skull was ape-like, the femur was
man-like. This discovery was
hailed far and wide as the
"missing link". After 30 years of
silence, Dubois admitted that he
had found two human skulls at the
same place and his Java man skull
was really that of a monkey.

Peking Man

In the 1920's, a single tooth
was found. With no other evidence,
Dr. Davidson Black, Professor of
Anatomy at Union Medical College,
Peking, declared that this tooth
belonged to an ancient humanoid
creature in China. Other "sig-
nificant" fragments were later
found. Before other scientists
could look at these fragments
they were mysteriously lost
except for 2 teeth.

Neandrathal Man

Discovered in the Neander
Valley in Germany in the late 1800's,
this fossil man was thought to be
a brutish sub-human man. Further
investigation has revealed that
Neandrathal Man was simply a human
being who had a severe arthritic
condition probably due to a
vitamin D deficiency.


Lucy is a supposed "fossil
woman" found in the 1970's and on
exhibit at Epcot Center in
Florida. Lucy is 3 feet tall with
very long arms and long curved
hands much like a pygmy
chimpanzee. The knee joint was re-
ported to be human like--thus a
missing link. Further
investigation has revealed that
Lucy's knees are very similar to
those of an orangutan or a spider
monkey and not those of a human.
Additional study has led many to
the conclusion that Lucy was a
member of an extinct tree climbing
ape family--not the progenitor of
the human race.

Check Out the
Monkey Business

Next time you visit a museum
or read a news release about
"missing link fossil men", be sure
to read the fine print or the
follow-up report. Fossil men
exist only in the minds of
evolutionists and their artists.

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