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The Synoptic Problem

Ladd- A Theology of the NT - synopsis by CPL

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Daniel Krusich -- A NT Survey -- Syllabus

pp 6-7 The Synoptic Problem

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Henry Thiessen, Intro to NT, Chapter 5, The Synoptic Problem,

pp 101-- 129 
Page 101 full size for intro purposes. Click Thumbs for full size pics for reading jpg images.

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Seminary Student Terry Powers Prepared Hand-out paper (Notes filled in):

The Synoptic Problem

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Terry, hope these papers can help you in this teaching responsibility. They are all copied either from textbooks I have had or papers I have received or done for classes I have taken in Temple Baptist Theological Seminary. Introduction to NT Theology (Professor Oswald Summers), Biblical Theology (Professor Charles Hall) and Systematic Theology (Professor David Winget).

C Pat Lanyon, Missions Servant

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