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Mrs. Zelma Rothaar

July 20, 2012 Update: We have received word that Zelma's reward is now her own. On May 18, 2012 she was ushered into the gates of Splendor. We are in awe of a godly husband's honor 'till death do ye part' for his beloved wife. GOD RICHLY BLESS THIS SACRIFICE PASTOR ROTHAAR! WE LOVE YOU.  May God's comfort and peace be yours!

The CDs Below Were Copied At the Home of Former Pastor Kevin Rothaar 8/25/2008





Edited 2:37 PM 2/16/2009

Key:: #m.##s -- ##track Title

Vol 1

Beautiful portrait of LOVE! Kevin & Zelma















Vol 2


Vol 3

The songs are all .WMA (Widows Media Audio File Format). The titles written Above are not necessarily actual song titles since some songs are unknown to the editor. The cds were copied to our computer when visiting the family in August 2008.

We have loaded them to our website www.aprayernotebook.net/access/zelma  so that anyone who loves her can enjoy her marvelous life.

As she walks down the road to her Coronation, she surely thrills us all with her glorious life, and we can imagine her amazing reward in eternity!

Kevin, her husband, is loving her with the most amazing love as she walks this lonely road: She has Frontal Cranial Dementia, similar to Alzheimer's. May God richly bless his selfless devotion, and suit him with the great reward that is due him in glory as well!
Thank you for sharing this blessed memory.

Here's our 2010 Update Visit:

From our Facebook Notes: "We were able to clean a bit for Grandma Wise in Attica. While there we went and visited former Pastor Kevin Rothaar and his dear wife Zelma. (http://aprayernotebook.net/access/zelma/index.htm) This is the man who married us and we admire his devotion to his spouse with Frontal Cranial Dementia, similar to Alzheimer's. Christine seems to have a touch with her whenever we come to visit ."


Song index as text file.