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A Prayer Notebook

Principle #5 CONFESSION


Introduction --
Forgiveness/ Confession Principle 5A

Tuesday Bible Study Notes

Westside Care Center Tuesday, July 17, 24, 2007

Prayer, Principle 5A. Forgiveness-Confession Mr. C. Pat Lanyon



Needs related to 2B. life’s elements: 1C. Spiritual 2C. Physical (food, sex, sleep, exercise) 3C. MENTAL/EMOTIONAL– [right thinking] 4C. SOCIAL – favor (time with/for others.) 5C. FINANCIAL stewardship.

Accountability for ability and talents given motivates faithfulness. Remembrance of that accountability is essential on a daily basis. Stewardship is worship.

There are various needs we see as a human being, and the above are those which seem to be basic to all our race and within the Christian or biblical viewpoint. Needs of humanity have been researched and philosophized since man was created and man has since the fall in the Garden, rebelled against God’s view of man’s needs. He has tried to define life apart from God. For further study see, "The God Who Is There," and "How Should We Then Live?" by Francis Schaeffer.


Introduction – Forgiveness Principle 5A

Why is Confession included as a prayer principle in the Lord's Prayer?

Confession is not necessary to maintain the soul's salvation. Eternal Security means a salvation no work can erase because no human work accomplished it! Ephesians 2:8-9-10.

After salvation the soul begins a relationship with the Spirit of God referred to in scripture as a "walk." That relationship can be affected by deeds and thoughts. Fellowship is a word we use to describe that relationship we have with God. Sin breaks that relationship and causes the Spirit of God to bring us into conviction– a distress of soul that reminds us we have offended our Father in heaven. To be restored, and thus not loose reward and earthly favor of God, the believer enters a process called "sanctification" that is maintained only through "confession" of sins committed after salvation of the soul. We will now study what this means.

There are, to start, at least two major concepts concerning forgiveness:

1. The Beatitudes. Attitude required for Confession. This is found in Christ's Sermon on the Mount in a passage commonly referred to as "The Beatitudes." These are "Attitudes Which Ought to Be." We will look at them in detail to fully understand their part in showing us sin in our life. See Matthew 11:28-30 for Jesus statement of this need.

Matthew 11:28 "Come to Me, all you who labor and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest. 29 "Take My yoke upon you and learn from Me, for I am gentle and lowly in heart, and you will find rest for your souls. 30 "For My yoke is easy and My burden is light."

Being "gentle and lowly in heart" is the essence of the beatitudes needed for Confession, thus Sanctification. Finding "rest" is removing guilt in the human spirit which has been caused by sin not confessed and forsaken.

2. The Doctrine of Confession. The Process of Sanctification. This presupposes God's Conviction which is accomplished by the Holy Spirit. Sanctification is done through 6 steps we call the Doctrine of Confession. Elements 1-3 are Our Responsibilities; elements 4-6 are actions God takes in response which are simply part of our "Believing" Responsibility:

1. Confession 2. Forsaking 3. Believing

4. Forgiveness 5. Cleansing 6. Blessing

Now Study The Beatitudes Introduction: 01 5a1b1c Why the Beatitudes?

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A Simple Outline for Daily Prayer 

Matthew 6:9-13 (See a Graphic Image

  of the Word Perfect Document or the MSWord Document)


Our (personal)
Father (family)
Which Art In Heaven (humble)

1. Hallowed Be Thy Name (Adoration for...)

a. Who He Is 1)Endless 2)Timeless 3)Changeless 4)Simple 5)Unified 6)Sovereign 7)All-Powerful 8)All-Knowing & Wise 9)Everywhere 10)Just to Judge 11)Loving - merciful, gracious forbearing, good, humble, takes pleasure 12)Truthful 13)Free 14)Holy, Set Apart

b. What He Does 1)Spiritual Blessing: a) Saves, b) Reveals- Self, Will, Call, Word c) Prepares d) Instructs e) Glorified by humans f) Inheritor 2)Earthly Blessing: all I own, all I am

2. Thy Kingdom Come. (Anticipation by...)

a. Salvation -assurance

b. Evangelization -win lost souls

c. Fertilization -disciple a convert

d. Occupation -occupy (do business) 'until He comes'

e. Expectation -look, yearn for His coming.

3. Thy Will Be Done in Earth As It Is in Heaven. (Submission) Col 1:9-12

a. Be Filled with the Knowledge of His Will v9 1) Wisdom 2) Spiritual Understanding [prayer for] a)sensitivity b)meekness c)determination d)performance

b. Walk Worthy of the Lord v10 1) Conditions: a)Fully Pleasing Him b)Fruitful c)Increasing d)Strengthened v11 e)Patience f)Longsuffering

g)Giving Thanks v12 2) Deciding GOD'S WILL: a)Mate b)Church/ School c)Ministry d)House e)Vocation

c. Presentation to God, v22 1)Holy 2) Blameless 3)Above Reproach

4. Give Us This Day Our Daily Bread (Petition)

a. Keys to Success 1)Spirit-controlled mind 2)Death to the Flesh 3)Balance in Redeeming Time

b. Elements of Life 1) Spiritual Purity 2) Physical Control [-food -sleep -sex -exercise] 3)Mental/ Emotional right thinking. 4) Social favor 5)Financial Stewardship

5. Forgive Us Our Debts As We Forgive Our Debtors. (Confession) Mat 5:3-10; 1 John 1:9

a. Beatitudes 1)poor in spirit 2)mourn 3)meekness 4)hunger and thirst for right 5)merciful 6)pure in heart  7)peacemakers 8)persecuted

b. Confession 1)Confess 2)Forsake 3)Believe 4)Forgiveness 5)Cleansing 6)Blessed [Conclusion]

6. And Lead Us Not into Temptation... (Resolution)

a. Endure Temptation

b. Preservation Through Grace

...But Deliver Us From Evil.

Ephesians 6:10-18

c. Protection Through Armor 1)Belt of Truth v14 2)Breastplate of Righteousness v14 3)Shoes of Gospel Witness v15 4)Shield of Faith v16 5)Helmet of Salvation v17 6)Sword of the Spirit v17 7)Bond of Prayer v18

7. Applications 

1: How Does Glory Come? 3/12/08

2: The Power and Meaning of Choices 3/25/08

7a Prayer for Others | 8a Verse for the Day |9a Song for the Day



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