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Bernie's Photograph Page

1. Earliest Pictures

Bern-93feb.jpg (26865 bytes) Feb. 1993 (Thumb-nail, click for full size)

  April 1995

2. The "Bernie / Henry Peck / Lanyon" Garden Coop:


bernies-garden01.jpg (65241 bytes)bernies-garden02.jpg (79930 bytes)bernies-garden03.jpg (84633 bytes)

2006 -still early pictures

Corn-garden-05e06.jpg (92656 bytes)Marigold-sidewalk-frnt05e06 (4).jpg (62632 bytes)Beans-Tomatoes-05e06.jpg (86853 bytes)Peas-Peck-frnt-yd05e06 (6).jpg (74113 bytes)Corn-garden-closeup05e06.jpg (156083 bytes)

2006 -grown to mid-July

Photo_070206_001.jpg (108106 bytes) Photo_070206_001.jpg (108106 bytes) Photo_070206_003.jpg (98118 bytes) Photo_070206_004.jpg (111283 bytes)

 Photo_070206_005.jpg (84326 bytes) Photo_070206_006.jpg (86715 bytes) Photo_070206_007.jpg (115038 bytes) Photo_070206_008.jpg (80795 bytes)

2006 late July - Harvest Begins!

Photo_072906_004.jpg (93275 bytes) Photo_072906_005.jpg (101034 bytes) Photo_072906_006.jpg (101303 bytes) Photo_072906_007.jpg (110073 bytes)

Photo_072906_008.jpg (94896 bytes) Photo_072906_009.jpg (84968 bytes) Photo_072906_010.jpg (103282 bytes) 

Photo_073106_001.jpg (54191 bytes) (wild black raspberries picked nearby in a bowl of vanilla yogurt!)

2007 Garden Pictures

These are high resolution digital pictures over 2M each.

PICT0007.JPG (3136008 bytes)  PICT0009.JPG (3040349 bytes) PICT0010.JPG (2868542 bytes) PICT0011.JPG (3107706 bytes)

Bernie inspects our gardens and enjoys gardens immensely!

PICT0012.JPG (2473658 bytes) PICT0016.JPG (2416590 bytes) PICT0008.JPG (2552278 bytes)

See Bernie At The Butler Carpet Cleaning Equipment Manufacturing Plant, Ludlow, MA

Bernie At The Butler

3. Family


Trip to CALIFORNIA to visit Grandson Dave and Great Grandchildren.



Trip to GA to see Grandson Dave and Great Grandchildren.

 Kim George and Druw 2.jpg (29387 bytes) WA Ferris wheel Crissey.jpg (27287 bytes) WA petting11.jpg (35608 bytes) 


Note the tract, that was usually in his pocket, is being shown to his grandson David and great granddaughter Briana (Bree) in this next picture. You can read/see it here.

Kim and Dancin Dad.jpg (31390 bytes)

B-Meisler-89today.JPG (565435 bytes) 89th Birthday Present, Ties