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Bernie Meisler

2008 News Page: Bernie has celebrated his coronation!

Bernie's Life Lives On "After 2008"

Bernard Meisler, Sr.

September 26, 1918 — December 14, 2008

2:00 pm Monday December 15, 2008

Orthodox Jewish traditional

Grave side service only.

Colchester Jewish Aid
Jewish Congregation of Lebanon
Cemetery [2nd Cemetery 1/4 mi on R off Rt 16 (Middletown Rd)]

Gillette Lane, Colchester, CT 06415


At the right in the CT Lanyon kitchen, is a picture of a Hebrew Christian, (age 88 on September 26, 2006, a completed Jew on October 19, 2003) .

I first met Bernie in fall of 1992 as I took my parents on the Lady Fenwick, a Connecticut River Boat cruise, as I showed them CT. (It was the first and last time they both were able to visit me in CT. They lived in Northern Central Colorado.)  On that boat that day we met "Bernard Meisler, Sr." He was 74.

A Chance Meeting

Bernie lived at a Hartford Nursing Home, and we struck up an immediate friendship. I offered to take him to church and bought him a Bible. Not willing to discuss personal level religion then, God did a work and, 11 years later in 2003 while living in a Manchester Nursing home, he came to our church and was later baptized on Memorial Day, 2004. A movie for you to see of it is here.

Bernie in May 2004

6 months later, attending church weekly 3 times, Bernie knew he wanted to please Jesus the Messiah. He obeyed Jesus' example of Baptism.

Bernie Is Baptized, May, 2004 [Bern-is-bap.MOV]

Bernie's New Family

You have never seen someone so thrilled to be included in such a big lovingly warm family. 

BernieHairCut_030606.jpg (53243 bytes) Bernie's Christian Barber is Br. Joe Picard, 

BernieHairCut06c6.jpg (21851 bytes) a professional barber, still working at age 76 in East Hartford's Professional Barber Shop.


bernie1.jpg (38987 bytes) Bernie with Pastor Rowley

bernie-n-rob-hamilton.JPG (29732 bytes) Rob Hamilton takes Bernie out to eat often, and is a real encouragement to him. 

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