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cpl/Sept11_tract.htm | cpl/terror-tract01i11.htm | cpl/terror01i11.htm | Where Was God on 9-11?

Judge John Moore's Poem : "America the Beautiful."

These scenes rained TERROR Upon us that sunny morning in 2001.

And we quickly learned that 

There is no fear in love, 
but perfect [mature] love casts out fear, 
because fear involves torment. 
But he who fears 
has not been made perfect 
[mature] in love. (1 John 4:18, NKJV)

Many have developed "conspiracy theories" that this attack was a work of the federal government. Some believe no organized group of individuals could have orchestrated such an event. Many of the supposed evidences do not stand up to close investigations. But there are many UNANSWERED QUESTIONS by our government leaders and this leads us to wonder what they are unwilling to give an answer.

We live in a world composed of great evil and good sources at war with each other. Such truths are the only real explanations for horrific events like these. These things point us toward the all-important truth of trusting in the God of Creation, Jesus Christ, and trusting in the holy truths of His Word.

Left: Many of these people were not ready to die, but no one needs to fear if they have a personal relationship with Jesus Christ. Radio preachers that next month reminded us that some were ready to die that day and there was no fear in their voice when they called to say "I Love You" at home. Their everlasting reward awaited them! See 



AlmostDied34.jpg (105488 bytes) 

We know how to deal with FEAR . . . If we do not forget.


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