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My Dad in 2015 --- 18th Year Memorial

In Memory of James Edwin Lanyon on March 5, 2015 | The CPL Connecticut Lanyon Family | Happy Father's Day

My father loves me this I know,
He brought me to church and to Jesus I know.
He's in heaven now for 17 glorious years,
And is there in splendor, yes, no more tears!

He loved deeply and tenderly with those tears
When he lived on earth for 87 years.
His last two sons saw his example you see,
And their lives are Christian for all to see.

So much we owe to this father so kind,
And so much we appreciate from a time behind.
Time leaves it's mark on everyone high or low:
Now, it's time to weep for others we know,
That we may my father's Father show. ---edited-updated March 3, 2015 --CPL

--C. Pat Lanyon, after seeing his father's yearbook:

James Edwin Lanyon responded for salvation and Baptism with his two sons at
Commission Baptist Church in Lakewood, Pastor Kenneth J. Darrow, in CO,
soon after the family moved to Lakewood, what was then 7701 W. Mississippi in 1963 or 1964.

Our homestead later was renamed 995 S.Yarrow St., after "The Lanyon Subdivision" was completed.
That house, built on top of a basement-only dwelling, has been torn down and replaced with a duplex.


Since then all three have made renewed professions of faith:
Gary in 1968; Pat in 1972; and Dad sometime later, perhaps 1973 or 1974.

Dad's High School album page.
He lived in Joplin, MO, where he was also married to Mom.
Part of the caption for his picture reads,
"I[n] peace '
there's nothing so becomes a man,
As modest stillness and humility.
' "
Shakespeare, Henry V, Act 3 Scene 1, L3-4
What a saying to claim for your own!




Thumbnails for our Higher Resolution Pics


 lanyon-gates-mcElfresh1940sThis is my mom's side of our family, but Dad Lanyon is towering high on the right side of this picture!

995yarrow-homesite This home is built on top of the Lakewood home I grew up in, and fabricated a lot like it was.
I now have added an actual picture from my family album of the original 1959 house as being built on top of the basement house.
The garage appearing in this picture compares alot with the original below but is to the right of the home as pictured below. This picture was copied from Google linked here.

We had a huge cottonwood tree with a real treehouse built by my dad supported by two stilt legs in the center of a circle drive.
Right next to the house on the south side was a peach tree, and produced well because of the protected South side of the home!

lanyon-subdivision-Lakewood_CO"The Lanyon Subdivision" is North of West Mississippi Ave from Yarrow street to the west side of S. Zephyr CT.

Here is a view of the old homestead looking SOUTHEAST from what is now probably the cul-de-sac on South Zephyr Ct.
The tree is a cottonwood where the tree house was later built. Gary and I are about 4 and 6 or 5 and 7. The home was half built here while Daddy worked full time at Gates Rubber Company.
A shed was built later about where we are standing.
Immediately to the south was only a field most of the years I lived there.


Galena KSDaddy's Step-Father, & Mother's gravesite in Galena KS
Joplin, MOGrandma Ewing, Dad and siblings: Jim, Milton "Snooks" and Juanita
Olga Gates - Mom's MotherOlgaGatesSummer1976At91yrs Olga again earlierOlga (McElfresh) Gates at ther Lafayette Farm
It is at this farm my sister raised her kids after we were born and visited Grandma -- Olga and Willy moved inside town of Lafayette:
Janice (Lanyon) Moon, now O'Neil FAMILYJanice (Lanyon) Moon, now O'Neil, Phil, Allen, Jimmy, David

David Edwin Lanyon my first born is named after Dad Lanyon.