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C. Patrick Lanyon

C. Pat, or

Charles P. Lanyon,

Master Textile Cleaner

B.S. Bob Jones University, 1973-1977

B Div. Temple Bap. Theol. Seminary 1977-1983

My Story

C. Pat Lanyon (continued)

She stayed for 5 weeks in people's homes, getting to know the staff and church people of Truth Baptist. For the first and last week she was at the Pastor's and one week at the assistant Pastor, Randy Prahl. Another week she stayed at a deacon's house. The middle week of 5 she boarded at our church choir director's home, Mr. & Mrs Ed Fallon. That's the week we decided: yes indeed it was God's will for us to wed!

I only needed confirmation from those at TBC that she was the noble virtuous woman I believed her to be. God taught me through this NOT to look on companionship and the Physical aspects of marriage as paramount, but RATHER the Spiritual and Moral components as paramount. Thus I have learned at the age of 36 when I married a theme of my life:

"Every good desire, within the will of God, yields to patience."

We left Connecticut bound for Attica, Ohio, where my fiancé's widowed mother lived in the small village if Siam.

The Wayside Chapel in Buscyrus, OH, was given 2 1/2 weeks notice of our simple marriage ceremony, meant only to emphasize the blessing of waiting for God's best in marriage.

Siam honored us with a reception in her neighborhood.

Attica's American Baptist Church congregation honored us with a second reception.

Wayside Chapel honored us with the 'gift' of a full wedding -- we only paid a professional photographer--church member for developing the pictures, that was to follow our third reception.

We then left for a Honeymoon in CO where I was born. We decided upon my brother Gary's recommendation of the Western Town of Gunnison, after which we were honored by a fourth reception from Tri-town Baptist Church, Frederick, CO.

Flying back from CO to OH and then driving back to CT, we were honored by a fifth reception at Truth Baptist Church, in South Windsor, CT.

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