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9- 11 Studies

Many of us are afraid to face some of the things we are finding out about 9-11. 
But face them we must, for now is the time to do something about them. 

Before you study this, if you are not already, you should consider becoming a Christian

Believing in the biblically sound pre-millennial rapture of the church leaves us with strong assurance that 
when the horrible things to happen on earth in the Tribulation Period as foretold  in Revelation and other OT prophetical writings, all believers will be in heaven 
in  "the marriage supper of the Lamb!" Thus they will escape the horrors to come on earth. It will also give you assurance as you study 
these things that surely the Time is NEAR!

The events of 9-11-2001 have revealed the highest of levels of corruption imaginable in 
the wealthiest and largest corporations of the World. 
[Read a copy of an email sent that explains, in summary format, the issues.]

This pdf file will convince you, and as we add other links you will find out 
ways you can be a part of the Revolution that must take place soon in America: