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Yes ... It's A Gift Just for You
We hope it will change your life!

Here's how it works: You begin by reading the following [yellow highlight] as a prayer that you pray to God right now from where you are. It will only take a few minutes as you can see.

Prayer a bit foreign to you? Then consider A Simple Bible Study about how to become a part of God's kingdom later before you pray below or after reading now. Finding and receiving a relationship with God our creator is just about the most beneficial thing we can ever do. Since 1972 I'm living proof of it.

If you have sincere doubts about doctrines like the claims of Jesus Christ, please read this excellent tract written by my pastor a number of years ago: THE MOST ASTOUNDING CLAIMS EVER MADE BY A HUMAN BEING

My Gift for You!

From the Desk of

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To: You as you receive our gift today!

Date Today: ______________________,

Please read the >Prayer for Today next to our biblical basis for all prayer as found in Matthew 6:9 -12 below. Then, if you find this brief experience fulfilling, I would invite you to get my whole notebook document and save a copy for your own notebook/journal. You will find your prayer life so fulfilling it will not compare to anything you've known in the the past! Get it at www.aprayernotebook.net/pray or call/write me for your own physical copy.

Part I. Prayer Text Outline >Prayer for Today This is the scriptural text copy after which the prayer follows. The scripture is given to remind you it has order and content strictly from the Bible. Say the words thinking about their meaning even if it seems odd or weird to you. This is only because you may not be used to praying in any regular manner. God knows your heart.

In this manner, therefore, pray: Intro. Our Father in heaven, 1A. hallowed be Your name. 2A. Your kingdom come. 3A. Your will be done on earth as it is in heaven. 4A. Give us this day our daily bread. 5A. And forgive us our debts, as we forgive our debtors. 6A. and do not lead us into temptation, but deliver us from the evil one. Conclusion. For Yours is the kingdom and the power and the glory forever. Amen.

Introduction to the prayer: >Dear God, You are mine through faith in Jesus my Savior. You are my Father and I am Your son. You are in heaven and I on earth. I humbly come to seek You.

1A. Hallowed be Your Name May You be set apart in my life today for 1B. who You are and 2B. what You are doing and have done in my life. I acknowledge Your attributes and I am thankful for the joy of knowing You, and Your receiving Your blessings.

2A. Your kingdom come May Your rule and reign come to pass 1B. in the lives of those who do not know You, and in my life: as I 2B. pray for more laborers to reach them, as I 3B. seek to do my own business and occupy till You come, and as I 4B. eagerly anticipate Your glorious coming.

3A. Your will be done on earth . . . I pray that I would honestly yield to Your authority, and thus 1B. walk in submission to Your will by being sensitive, patient and enduring Your will as I know it today, seeking an attitude of meekness about Your will, praying for the determination to do it and finally acting in order to perform Your will for my life. I pray that 2B. each decision I make: those about 1C. My Mate and Family, 2C. My Church and School, 3C. My Ministry and Spiritual Gift, 4C. My House I dwell in, 5C. My Work and Vocation would all be made with Your will in mind. Help me see them as though I were looking from heaven.

4A. Give us this day our daily bread... I now ask that You might supply the needs I have for today. But first, I know, there are some 1B. key needs for successfully living my life today: 1C. [I pray] For Spirit-control of my mind, 2C. For Death to my Sinful nature, 3C. For Balance in the Redemption of My Time, and 4C. For Meditation on the Issues of Life I ought to be focusing on today. I pray for 2B. the Elements of Life: Please give me 1C. Spiritual purity, 2C. Physical self-control, 3C. The right Mental/ Emotional thoughts, 4C. Your favor in the Social time I spend with and for others, and 5C. Financial stewardship, that I would be faithful in those trusts You’ve given to me.

5A. Forgive us our debts . . . And as I have kept short sin debts by immediate confession of sin, I reexamine my own heart for 1B. Wrong Attitudes. Lord help me 1C. To Obtain spiritual goals You expect of me, 2C. To weep over sin You reveal to me, 3C. To yield when I am shown sin, 4C. To desire to be right in thoughts and actions, 5C. To show mercy as You have shown it to me, 6C. To have an undefiled conscience, 7C. To love and respect others as You do, and 8C. To rejoice when I am hurt or suffering for some right thing I have done. I now 2B. confess the sin(s) You have revealed to me by 1C. agreeing with You that it was a sin, 2C. turning from it in attitude and action hereafter, and 3C. believing that You have removed this sin from me – it should no longer bring guilt to – I am free now. I am so thankful that You have: 4C. forgiven me in that my relationship to You has been restored. 5C. You have cleansed me in that You have made me useful in Your service once again, and 6C. You have blessed me in that I have in truth forsaken this sin and I now have Your joy, peace and favor restored to my life.

6A. And do not lead us into temptation . . . I know, O Lord, that I am prone to yield to temptation and to fail in trials that come, so I pray that I might resolve not to fail nor forsake You. I believe that You will give me 1B. the necessary grace to be victorious throughout life.

But deliver us from the evil one. I know that 2B. I need deliverance from evil in this world, and through armor which You have supplied, I now put each piece on: 1C. the belt of Truth– I am sure the Bible is real, it is truth, 2C. the breastplate of Righteousness– I live doing right always, 3C. the shoes of the Gospel– I share with others my faith in Christ my Savior, the Prince of Peace, 4C. the shield of Faith– I act in such a way that things I do prove I wholly trust in Your Word. 5C. the helmet of Salvation– I have unwavering assurance that I am saved, 6C. the sword of the Word of God– I take the Bible and consistently memorize passages that help me fight all evil, and 7C. the uniting bond of Prayer– I realize that I need to depend on and thus be in a continuously prayerful spirit to use this armor successfully to fight all evil.

For Yours is the kingdom, . . . And I now confess You as the eternal Owner of All. Thank You for hearing my personal prayer.

Now I pray for others. I will also take a verse, and a song to meditate on this day.

If you sensed a special experience in saying these words above, it is because you probably know Christ as Savior, and that God was listening, and touched by your words. The words are from His heart as seen above.

Below... [on the Next page (this linked page is for online users that immediately will take you into the study at any point you wish to enter it) of our print copy] contains a 1-Page outline, greatly condensed from the detailed full text version of "A Prayer Notebook" from which the above prayer is made.

Praying takes thought-filled time and can become rushed and abbreviated in the stresses of life and living. But taking that time at the start of each day can become one of the best habits of life, and can add such meaning to each year of life as we live that nothing can become more meaningful as we live that gift He has given to us! So by this gift we are encouraging you to begin a life of prayer to God. Every day! Give it away as a birthday gift to someone special you know for their birthday here anytime any year!

May we all learn and continue learning this life-altering practice and see it eventually transform our lives into that "abundant" life He has promised:

John 10:10 The thief cometh not, but for to steal, and to kill, and to destroy:
I am come that they might have life, and that they might have it more abundantly.

A Blessed day to You, and may God Bless Your "YEARS" With His Peace

The 1 Page Outline TEXT [in PDF]

A Simple Outline for Daily Prayer Matthew 6:9-13

Our (personal) Father (family) Which Art In Heaven (humble)

1. Hallowed Be Thy Name (Adoration for...)

a. Who He Is 1)Endless 2)Timeless 3)Changeless 4)Simple 5)Unified 6)Sovereign 7)Everywhere 8)All-Knowing & Wise 9)All-Powerful 10)Just to Judge 11)Loving -gracious, merciful, forbearing, good, humble, takes pleasure 12)Truthful 13)Free 14)Holy, Set Apart

b. What He Does 1)Spiritual Blessing: a)Saves, Reveals- Self, Will, Call, Word b)Prepares c)Instructs d)Glorified by humans e)Inheritor 2)Earthly Blessing: all I own, all I am

2. Thy Kingdom Come. (Anticipation by...)

a. Salvation -assurance

b. Evangelization -win lost souls

c. Fertilization -disciple a convert

d. Occupation -occupy (do business) 'until He comes'

e. Expectation -look, yearn for His coming.

3. Thy Will Be Done in Earth As It Is in Heaven. (Submission) Col 1:9-12

a. Be Filled with the Knowledge of His Will v9 1) Wisdom 2) Spiritual Understanding [prayer for] a)sensitivity b)meekness c)determination d)performance

b. Walk Worthy of the Lord v10 1)Fruitful 2)Increasing 3)Strengthened v11 a)Patience b)Longsuffering

c. Giving Thanks v12

d. Deciding GOD'S WILL 1)Mate 2)Church/ School 3)Ministry 4)House 5)Vocation

e. Presentation to God, v22 1)Holy 2) Blameless 3)Above Reproach

4. Give Us This Day Our Daily Bread (Petition)

a. Keys to Success 1)Spirit-controlled mind 2)Death to the Flesh 3)Balance in Redeeming Time

b. Elements of Life 1) Spiritual Purity 2) Physical Control [-food -sleep -exercise -sex] 3)Mental/ Emotional right thinking. 4) Social favor 5)Financial Stewardship

5. Forgive Us Our Debts As We Forgive Our Debtors. (Confession) Mat 5:3-10; 1 John 1:9

a. Beatitudes 1)poor in spirit 2)mourn 3)meekness 4)hunger and thirst for right 5)pure in heart 6)merciful 7)peacemakers 8)persecuted

b. Confession 1)Confess 2)Forsake 3)Believe 4)Forgiveness 5)Cleansing 6)Blessed

6. And Lead Us Not into Temptation... (Resolution)

a. Endure Temptation

b. Preservation Through Grace

...But Deliver Us From Evil. Ephesians 6:10-18

c. Protection Through Armor 1)Belt of Truth v14 2)Breastplate of Righteousness v14 3)Shoes of Gospel Witness v15 4)Shield of Faith v16 5)Helmet of Salvation v17 6)Sword of the Spirit v17 7)Bond of Prayer v18

Prayer for Others | Verse for the Day |Song for the Day

Get the full multi-page document or shorter forms: www.aprayernotebook.net



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