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A Prayer Notebook Is Personal
Just copy the notebook, or the outline first and punch holes and place it into a notebook you will be able to use each day.
Add entries to make it more effective to teach you to pray, and to have an intimate relationship with God .

The Notebook, as I used it, has a place on the left column to add scriptures you find meaningful at various time of life.

On the right column is the place to write events of life, lessons learned, people influenced.

After the text of the outline is a section to make other personal entries: 1) Verse to meditate on each day. It is very important to claim a verse each day so you can remember it when tests and trials of the day require restoration of spiritual ground you can leave in the walk of life. 2) A Song. The same ownership reason applies here-- Let each day have it's own theme with one song. 3) A person or burden can be owned each day. (refer to the "Intercession" section.

Keep up the Daily work of prayer.

Even if you don't have but 2 or 3 minutes to pray, DON'T FAIL TO TAKE IT!  Use the outline and focus where 2 or 3 minutes call for focus.

Spend just a few moments on each of the six principles, with a focus on the most important aspects of each principle for the context your life creates. You will find that the notebook organizes the prayer time and your memory work as well, and it provides a structure that enables you to pray with keen remembrance of both scripture and details about which you are praying.

Use the Notebook for extended sessions of prayer
After you have learned the basics of prayer in this outline, You will be surprised at how easy it is to remember the most important aspects and so be able to pray more effectively. 
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