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In mathematics, two points define a line which extends to infinity in two directions.  Also, two points can define a ray which is like a line, but it starts at one of the points and extends through the second point to infinity in only one direction.  Infinity is funny, because a line and a ray are the same length -- they are both infinitely long!  As you read the first verses in John 1 and Psalms 90, try to understand that God and Jesus (the Word) existed in infinity past, long before creation.  They will also exist in infinity future, long after this universe is forgotten history.  As you read the scriptures this week about the Creation, God’s dealing with early man, and the flood, try to imagine God’s power and strength.  Try to put this universe’s (the heavens and the earth) finite history into the perspective of an infinite God.  Try to understand that God is bigger than you could ever imagine, and even though we are less than a speck in God’s infinite history, He loved us so much that He came and died on a cross to purchase our salvation.


One additional thought.  As you read through the excruciatingly long list of “begats” in Genesis 5, pay special attention to Enoch.  Verse 24 tells us about Enoch’s remarkable life.  In an age of sinners, “Enoch walked with God.”  It also tells us that “he was not, for God took him.”  The name Enoch is translated “one who does not know death.”  Enoch may have been the most remarkable man, other than Christ, in the entire Bible.  He was so close to God that God took him without putting him through the experience of death.