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[Greeting to a Baptist military chaplain recruiter.]

It was surely great to hear of all the things Chaps are doing, especially on bases in Iraq. I love great Christian Music.  and  have been treasure troves for me when I have the time to just listen. Surely the countenance of peace on the men and women in the Armed Forces has a testimony among peoples like the Muslims in Afghanistan and Iraq.

Unfortunately, for America, sobering times are surely soon to come upon us. I have been studying using high speed dsl open and truthful sources that mainstream media cannot cover up. Being a Christian for over 35 years now has and is helping me with discernment. But so much of what I have been studying CANNOT be merely classified as "conspiracy THEORIES." THERE MUST BE SUBSTANTIAL FACTUAL BASES FOR ALL THIS INFORMATION.

Links of my studies are at  freedom (bigger downloads here) and  freedom (multiple links to the best reading/audio/ and video materials. I recommend you refer here for new materials that are being added.

1. The biggest irrefutable view I have seen thus far with the whole story told clearly is Aaron Russo's America, From Freedom to Fascism ( ) I purchased the videos on dvd for $1 each for 50 and have given almost all of them all out now to friends and some customers. Purchasing them is the best way to get quality viewing experiences, but many are on youtube and myspace in 10 - 20 minute segments which are easily found by doing key word searches.

It all began when I started purposeful study of the candidates for Nov08 election, closing in on Ron Paul (see  for details -- everyone should join to get updates of the progress.)

Dr. Hovind is basically in prison today for more than 7 years ahead, and you will see a link to FtFascism at  under videos for speaking out against this predominance of evil in high places. From Freedom to Fascism basically shows: "there is no law legally compelling any American to pay Federal Income Tax since it's inception 1913." Virtually all monies sent to the IRS are directed straight to the Federal Reserve (= central global banking institutions who are totally unaccountable for any actions they take).

2. A recently viewed interview further exposes how this banking system that includes the big money institutions in the US is directly orchestrating most political figures in the US. Through this orchestration, these evil people were directly responsible for the events of 9-11! The Interview is with Richard Grove, and is viewable/hearable at .

Prepare yourself for a hair raising interview of an insider software developer who partook of a software invention that launched the central bankers into "outer space" -- far from the view of any outsider -- all completed by the summer of 2001 and having been given a 9-11-01 deadline!. This fired (in June,2001) software engineer was taking exposing documents and info to a broker for confrontations in the WTC just minutes before the planes began hitting on 9-11-01. The coincidences any neutral viewer/listener hears cannot be mere "coincidences" --JUST TOO MANY!

In reply to an email I sent him, he replied (in part) 

"You have permission to share any/all info I’ve published… this link will lead you in the right direction:  (there’s a page 1 of that search as well)

[]  And our site is  our podcast is found here:  (100+ hours of content delivering information suppressed by corporate media- the suppression funds their extreme profiteering, b/c if you don’t know… it’s much more easy to profit from your ignorance).

"As you consider these things, consider doing as I have chosen: These things are bigger than one candidate, one party, one large minority of people, to solve our political and economic woes. We need God's help. Lost and unsaved people need to find eternal salvation in a personal relationship with Jesus Christ as I've explained in tracts I've written, including  Trust in Him today If you have not done so and immediately take steps to begin growing in your new life of faith: After You Believe Tract. Believers in Jesus need to be ready for His coming! You will be ready for all future events.