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Dear All Friends of Freedom,

blessed nationI have studied the political scene with an internet connection now since the 2008 candidate race began. Discoveries I have made and make each day are redefining life here in America -- a country about to enter a new frontier if it is to survive.
As a result I am now teaching the U. S. Constitution at the nursing home I have gone to the longest, and we are learning much exciting facts by reading and teaching "The 5,000 Yeaer Leap". for more, please visit this link:
the Pray4AmericaProject

I recommend that you NOT play the part of a naive media sponge so as to believe anything they dish out to you as an observer. American grassroots conservatism has been a force unconquerable by the corporate money elites who benefit from all forms of evil and warfare. America was founded on the Judeo-Christian belief system. It is hated by anti-Semites, and anyone despising good and God our Creator.

A dramatic revolution is necessary if we are to see the original freedoms won in the American Revolution restored whaich we have lost in volumes in the last decades. Our Founding Fathers Believed and died for LIBERTY. But before this introduction is made, I urge you to become a genuine Christian and receive "the Spirit of Truth" so that you will not be deceived by "the Lie" being brought to Americans in a wholesale fashion by this world's evil counterparts.


Some of the results of my studies are linked below and at:  GCCS-Freedom-INDEX and some files are here for download because they become unavailable at the remote linked sites. Please take time to consider these UNBELIEVABLE facts. IF ONLY HALF OF THE "FACTS" PRESENTED HERE ARE TRUE, God is compelled to bring a grave judgment on American political representatives as well as the global and corporate money gurus.


Both of the past presidential elections saw the absolute refusal of a "man of understanding and knowledge" to receive electoral status by the 'parties that be'. A man of this character was the answer (in a single man, notwithstanding a Congress to back his ideas up) to America's troubles, but most Americans are truly ignorant of what is genuinely needed to return America to it's greatness. His "Farewell to Congress" is an explanation of the things truly needed to solve our economic and moral crisis upon us as we face 2013 and beyond. We recommend that you carefully read this document it in it's entirety. The same 43 minute address can be viewed currently at: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lfY_cXFfh3A

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