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for Truth Baptist Church

Please visit our church online here - Truth Baptist Church

This is an artist's rendering of our first building built debt-free and completed in 1990. (10% of all designated building fund offerings were given to missions during the building of both our structures, and no virtual contractors were used in the first, except Randall Prahl, the first assistant/youth pastor.) Our church was averaging about 150 during most of the first building program.

This is a modern current photo of our facility including our new building attached to the old building, and was finished in 2002. It is an all-purpose building, and is being used extensively. Almost right away, it became a temporary building to Emmanuel Christian Academy, Newington, CT, while their building was being restored.





Resources/Audio/Video Access Page

The following videos/ audio/ dvd files are provided 
for members and friends of Truth Baptist Church, East Hartford/ South Windsor, CT.

We are grateful members and Welcome You Most Graciously! 
-- Pat(12-4-1983) & Christine (10/30/1988) Lanyon.

(Each is added as prepared for this website, 
and represents some of the finest preaching we have heard at TBC)

Selected Audio
Nathan Beam, Evangelist

Bim Rowley, Pastor

Kevin Daly, Missionary & Counselor






Ben Everson, Evangelist

Song- 081209-Ben_Everson@TBC-I'llPrayAgain.mp3



John Goetch, Evangelist, President West Coast Baptist College




This is the last sermon Dr. Goetch preached for us before entering his current position at West Coast Baptist College. (We suggest that you do an excellent exercise: as you listen, write down the references and memorize this message as he did. It would be an excellent message to preach to a lost audience of any size and could save someone when done!) Experience the excellence in Christian College ministry at: West Coast Baptist College/ Lancaster Baptist Church, Lancaster, CA music at: YouTube!

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APN of TBC's VBS ADDED/Edited on: 04/13/2014









2007 Christmas Eve Program click the folder to download or choose individual files http://www.aprayernotebook.net/access/TBC/Chr-Eve07-DVD 

Video_TS files

Christmas Eve 2011 Videos

TBC Teens



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