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Books / Audio


  • Love Comes Softly, by Janet OakeLove Comes Softly
    Love Comes Softly is perfect for the entire family.  There is no foul language, inappropriate sexual content, or violence.  The historical setting will easily satisfy fans of the Little House on the Prairie series, the Sarah Plain and Tall trilogy, or fans of classic movie westerns. Description copied from this link.
  • Treasure of Lost Canyon - from the classic book and author, Robert Lewis Stevenson, Starring Robert Powell A Hollywood movie with a wholesome content throughout! Last available at this link. These may be out of print, so you'll have to order it used.
  • The Ride - Produced by the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association it isThe Ride the story of a really TOUGH Cowboy-bull rodeo star that must  serve jail time at a Christian Ranch for Orphans. Source link.
  • All of the Bob Jones University video collection:
    • Red Runs the River
    • Wine of Morning
    • Flame in the Wind
    • Sheffy
    • Captive Faith
    • The Treasure Map
  • EE'Taow -- EE-Taow ! video by New Tribes Mission (1989), 35 minutes. No one knew how the Mouk tribe in Papua New Guinea would respond to the gospel, but the result was astounding, even to Mark Zook, a Pennsylvania Farmer in Amish Country, with a burden to reach unreached peoples with the gospel!
  • EE'Taow the Next Chapter -- How the tribe went on to evangelize other tribes in their area -- a true story happening in the early eighties. An Order Link active 2-2005
  • Bamboo In Winter -- Exciting story of Chinese missionary who converts a young college graduate in the face of horrible persecution by the communist regime.
  • Harriet Tubman -- Nest Family has hundreds of worthy videos, dvds for the wholeProduct image family. We previewed an entire collection sent to our church, but the price is high for these quality videos at about $20 each video. Each can be purchased with an accompanying booklet for teaching the children. Here is a good place to start.

    Here is a current video we now own:
    Harriet Tubman was born and raised into slavery. However, she longs to be free and hopes to escape to the “promised land.” After hearing about an “underground railroad” and learning of a Quaker woman up the river who helps slaves “get on,” Harriet tells her father she is escaping. Once at the Quaker woman’s home, Harriet learns that the “underground railroad” is a route guided by “conductors” to the North. She goes forward and makes it to the main station in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Once there, she is surprised to learn of the many different routes slaves are able to take to freedom. Hearing of her sister's and family’s impending sale, Harriet vows she will never be free until her family is free. Against the stationmaster’s warnings, she heads south. Displaying great courage, Harriet continues to go back and forth from the North to the South and becomes known as the “Moses of her people” with a $40,000 reward posted for her. Harriet successfully rescues her entire family, as well as 300 other slaves, on 17 dangerous missions to the Confederate South. 

    Includes 48-page resource & activity book packed with coloring pages, word puzzles, math puzzles and more!  This great tool helps reinforce all that is learned from the video.


  • Eric Liddell is an Olympian Gold Medal Champion who turned it down in order to become a Missionary to the Chinese People. See this video if you want a challenge to be the best possible steward of your life!

wpeA.jpg (48940 bytes) presented by Day of Discovery, and RBC Ministries.

liddell.JPG (345532 bytes) click to read the dvd cover info!

order at Vision Video where we got ours after seeing it in a church in OH: here or see