Urgent Prayer Concerns


Philippians 4:6 ...in everything by prayer and supplication,
with thanksgiving, let your requests be made known to God;
v7 and the peace of God, which surpasses all understanding,
will guard your hearts and minds through Christ Jesus.

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Many things in life on earth often qualify for Urgent Prayer, but their urgency fades over time.
Yet they remain important.
So you will see things below that are recent,
then you see the late of date as time marches on.
So keep on praying (Luke 18) and do not faint. ;)

Pray for LABORERS to enter God's harvest fields.


When God's Kingdom comes, T~e-n~s-i~o-n~s will cease and Wars will end.
Until then we must "Pray for Peace."

Pray for PEACE on earth. A multitude of Nations have it not:

The "Hot Spots" Pray for the Christians Persecuted in Nations

2014Persecuted click to see the ...

Open Doors Watch list Map of worst areas of Persecution for Christians.


  1. Central African Republic (civil war),

  2. Democratic Republic of Congo (war against rebel groups),

  3. Egypt (popular uprising against Government),

  4. Libya (war against Islamist militants),

  5. Mali (war against tuareg and Islamism militants),

  6. Nigeria (war against Islamist militants),

  7. Somalia (war against Islamist militants),

  8. Sudan (war against rebel groups),

  9. South Sudan (civil war)

  10. Pray for America

    America is loosing freedoms like a watershed. See our

    1. "Prayer for America Project" P4AProject
    2. Freedom Issues for the United States Praying for Wisdom from U.S. Facts
    3. Prayer for the Divided Nation of 2017 to become United and financially solvent.


    China is destined to be the new super power, and has the fastest growing Christian community, even though illegal.

    China Facts

    China and Persecutions Preceding 2008 Olympics

    Missionaries and Martyrs of China

    Physical Disasters cause much pain and suffering:

    Earthquakes: Haiti, 2010; Japan 2011, See this list of QUAKES with historical significance and then pray. Countries like these listed suffer for many years after a strong quake.

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