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Amazing China Facts:

Pray for China as the World Focuses Attention 
on this Huge Country for the OLYMPICS in 2008. 

The Facade Being Seen Is Not the True China!

 Missionaries and Martyrs of China | Missionaries and Martyrs of China

Ten Largest Countries in Population

There are approximately 226 inhabited countries and territories in the world. China is the most populous nation with 1/5 of the world's people. About half the world's people live in the first six largest countries listed below. Data as of 3/2008. s=

China 1,330,044,605
India 1,147,995,898
United States      303,824,646
Indonesia 237,512,355
Brazil 191,908,598
Pakistan 167,762,040


Maps from

china-geographic.jpg (69009 bytes) china-provinces.jpg (327762 bytes)

China is located in eastern Asia. Today it   occupies approximately 9.6 million square kilometers (3.7 million square miles), or nearly one quarter of Asia's land, making it almost as large as the whole of Europe. From north to south, China extends 5,500 kilometers (3,400 miles), from west to east, 5,200 kilometers (3,100 miles).

Interest in China

Our interest in China has been sparked by the sheer numbers of people dwelling in its borders, and the Gospel command to "go into all the world" given by Jesus Christ.

We have been amazed by the quantity and quality of missionaries who have gone to China.

Even TV shows have exposed the plight of Christians in China.

It is truly amazing to us to see God's love as He has poured it out on these masses of people. And whatever He does prospers. (Is 55:6-11)

100 Million Christians in China?

This Article estimates The Christians to be more like 100 million instead of the 70 million figure mentioned in the videos made in 2003 above. Christianity is seemingly un-crushable in China after multi-generational efforts to eradicate it have completely failed by socialistic governments.

August 7, 2007:

Christianity finds a fulcrum in Asia
By Spengler

Ten thousand Chinese become Christians each day, according to a stunning report by the National Catholic Reporter's veteran correspondent John Allen, and 200 million Chinese may comprise the world's largest concentration of Christians by mid-century, and the largest missionary force in history. [1] If you read a single news article about China this year, make sure it is this one.

I suspect that even the most enthusiastic accounts err on the downside, and that Christianity will have become a Sino-centric religion two generations from now. China may be for the 21st century what Europe was during the 8th-11th centuries, and America has been during the past 200 years: the natural ground for mass evangelization. If this occurs, the world will change beyond our capacity to recognize it. Islam might defeat the western Europeans, simply by replacing their diminishing numbers with immigrants, but it will crumble beneath the challenge from the East.

China, devoured by hunger so many times in its history, now feels a spiritual hunger beneath the neon exterior of its suddenly great cities. Four hundred million Chinese on the prosperous coast have moved from poverty to affluence in a single generation, and 10 million to 15 million new migrants come from the countryside each year, the greatest movement of people in history. Despite a government stance that hovers somewhere between discouragement and persecution, more than 100 million of them have embraced a faith that regards this life as mere preparation for the next world. Given the immense effort the Chinese have devoted to achieving a tolerable life in the present world, this may seem anomalous. On the contrary: it is the great migration of peoples that prepares the ground for Christianity, just as it did during the barbarian invasions of Europe during the Middle Ages.

 Their concluding paragraph states [emphasis added]:

China's network of house churches may turn out to be the leaven of democracy, like the radical Puritans of England who became the Congregationalists of New England. Freedom of worship is the first precondition for democracy, for it makes possible freedom of conscience. The fearless evangelists at the grassroots of China will, in the fullness of time, do more to bring US-style democracy to the world than all the nation-building bluster of President George W Bush and his advisers.