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Bernie Meisler In 2003


A few days before his 85th Birthday, Bernie received a Birthday Card from the Lanyon Family, with whom he had been out of touch for a few years-- since his last nursing home move. Christine Lanyon has had a card ministry  most of her adult life that only expanded upon her marriage in 1988. See her testimony.

B-Meisler-85--westside-letter.JPG (293302 bytes)Upon receiving the card, he sat down and wrote the following: 

(click to enlarge and read) which was sent in this envelopeB-Meisler-85--westside-let-env.JPG (90405 bytes):

(postmarked the day after he dated his letter, and the day before his actual birthday, Sept 26, 2003, which that year was Rosh Hashanah for the Jewish faith.) The letter indicates he has quit smoking for 6 weeks at that time. Bernie has not smoked since! This page dated: 11/30/2013 .

At that time he had been exposed to Biblical witness from at least 1992, at which time I had met him and begin bringing him to Truth Baptist Church, in addition to giving him a Bible full Old and New testament (covenant) edition. From 1992 until this year (2003) he had never taken serious personal interest in Christ or Christianity.

But that year, his birthday coinciding with the Jewish holiday (see The Jewish Holidays for a Christian explanation of the holidays and their Christian significance), and enduring a heart operation that included a pacemaker only a few years prior, and knowing smoking must be forsaken enough to "will it so" Bernie Meisler was ready to take Biblical promises seriously. 

He welcomed a visit from "Br. Pat" and by October 19, he was willing to come to Truth Baptist's Winter Revival:

b-meisler-salv-cal03j.JPG (74412 bytes)(Our computer calendar saved as a desktop picture remembers that month for us fondly.)
He began attending every service of Truth Baptist which, that week, was every day of the revival services. He has attended every service with few exceptions since then!

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