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Glory Carpet Cleaning

C. Patrick Lanyon

C. Pat, or

Charles P. Lanyon,

Master Textile Cleaner

B.S. Bob Jones University, 1973-1977

B Div. Temple Bap. Theol. Seminary 1977-1983

My Story

C. Pat Lanyon

The initial stands for "Charles," but since I was never called by that name while growing up; I now use the initial. My real middle name is "Patrick," but, again, I was not consistently called that either.

I was born in Denver, CO in December, 1952, and resided there until my third year of college. Beginning that year, 1973, I transferred from the University of Colorado to Bob Jones University, in Greenville, SC.

This was the result of a summer 1972 decision to be sure of my salvation by calling on the Lord to save me (Romans 10:13). It was also the result of spiritual growth following my decision on Easter Sunday, 1973, to be Scripturally baptized.

Following my three-and-one-half years at BJU, I decided to attend a semester of graduate school at Tennessee Temple, where my brother was a student in the University there. I spent some 6 years there getting an English Bible Bachelor of Divinity degree. There I met the man who is now my Pastor, Bim Rowley. As fellow students we came to know each other, and when he announced intentions to come to East Hartford for church planting, I was interested.

I was raised in an "independent, fundamental Baptist church," but as I grew up I observed all churches and religions change. As I studied the Bible about life I realized that it is a most amazing Book. Most amazing of all was the fact that although men retranslate it, the truths in it are literally unchanging! I have therefore decided to base what I believe about religion and spiritual knowledge on it alone.

When I moved to East Hartford on August 26, 1983, I came to serve the Living God first, and second, to attend and assist, in any way I could, Truth Baptist Church. While at school I worked part time doing janitorial work, something I had always loved to do. In Connecticut I was able to get a floor maintenance job at a Windsor nursing home. After about two years, I tried some other types of work, only to find out that my real vocational interest is in cleaning. At the same time I got a job at what was then Combustion Engineering. God strongly encouraged me through friends to try starting my own cleaning business part time.

Preparing for a Business, 1984-1985

My business became a reality in October, 1986. But months of preparation from God worked into that. I had begun working at the Kimberly Hall Nursing Care Center shortly after moving to CT in 1983. After the nursing home underwent a sale and a new administration, I saw the writing on the wall that big change was coming, but did not resign until I was asked to 'set up' for a newly instituted happy hour in which I was told the resident were going to be served wine. I did not have a job when I made this choice, but believed God would provide.

This began an employment struggle for me of many months duration, and I worked for several offices, concluding in a church member's business where I saw the insides of running one's own business. Still doubtful I could be a success as a businessman, I found a 'job shopper' organization who found a job at then Combustion Engineering in Windsor, CT. I was happy about this since another church member who lived less than a mile from me also worked there. This was the third week of October 1986. Wednesday I began my first day there. That evening TBC services were held at Pastor Rowley's home then on Fuller Avenue. I remember announcing that night I had chosen to begin a business to be named GLORY Cleaning Service, as well as getting the job at Combustion.

The next day, inclement weather set in for Windsor, CT, and on the drive home on sleet coated streets, in my "Bobcat" car, I was involved in a head-on collision on Broad Street, and wearing my seat belt saved me from serious injury that evening. My head hit the steering wheel braking my glasses and cutting a half circle around my right eye. At the hospital after 24 stitches, I was shocked to be sent home, but still thankful the injuries were so slight. Psalm 34:7 had again brought dramatic meaning to me.

Ps 34:7  The angel of the LORD encamps all around those who fear Him, And delivers them.

That night I called my pastor and asked him what I should do. Shock from such an accident is plenty of excuse to stay home and recover. But this would be my third day on a new job. But how to get there? My church member friend, Mr. Radziewicz, would, of course, gladly take me. But my job was retrieving mechanical drawings for engineers in a power plant design company serving dozens of draftsmen. How humiliating. But God's message was very clear to me. "Do right till the stars fall"--Bob Jones Sr.

Needless to say, the next day was embarassing, but much later I began wondering if that wasn't one of the reasons Combustion Engineering months later offered to buy me from the agency sending me there. What was more amazing was to hear that the company had a current policy of no new employees due to a  hiring freeze. They did hire me, and though the wage of $6.00/hr was not high, the health insurance benefit added to me was significant, and something I took away from that job that providentially gave us free ultrasounds during Christine's pregnancy with David.

I began advertising to take on small offices at night to clean while working at CE. One of my first accounts was an insurance company in Windsor who insured the mini-van that I ran into for my accident! I also received very encouraging help from Mr. Dave Crane, another Christian from a West Hartford church who owned his own business there. He equipped me with some equipment I still use!

Though I heard that most businesses do not last more than 2 or 3 years, the Lord helped me to stay in business. By October, 1987, I believed He would help me if I went full time. The day I did was marked by the Stock Market crash. I realized that God is able to help in any circumstances if a man's heart is humble toward Him. In 8 weeks I added eight accounts, and the last account was big enough to give me 4 hours/night for 5 nights each week.

In February, 1988, I had heard that a lady I had been writing to sharing ministry news with was going to have to change her mission field. So I thought, wow, this is my chance to invite her during this change to visit this exceptional church I was attending before she went another place. So I composed a letter on a sad occasion that month: Mr. Radziewicz's family had just welcomed a 3rd child into their family. Unfortunately God had other plans for their son, Daniel. He was born with natal issues and a couple weeks after birth, God took the child home. I shared this news in the same letter that I invited her to come. Amazingly enough, she accepted, though at first she preferred I come to the BIMI Mission's Conference. That I could not do, for as yet, I had no employees.

Marriage in the Works!

In order for anything like this to happen, I would need the help of employees. I took the steps necessary to begin legally employing people, though I felt very inexperienced. But, though I would love to have gone to the conference, God's will was other-wise, I soon began securing all the paperwork necessary to have them.

The next few months actually did develop into a courtship. Miss Christine Wise, a fifteen year veteran missionary school teacher in the Bahamas, and Turks & Caicos Islands, was willing to come to Connecticut. She arrived June 30, 1988, shivering from the cool air that day. It was a cool brought down from Canada that refreshes New Englander's already hot from June's summer heat. Now for Christine, though inside she was very warm, this New England Air--even in late June-- was a cold she really has never adapted. I was a bit anxious as she embarked from the plane. I had never physically dated her; I only knew her through correspondence.

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