3a2b2c0d Making Real Choices for God's Will
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Tuesday Bible Study Notes

Westside Care Center Tuesday, April 10, 2006

Prayer Prin. 3A: Making Choices in Godís Will C. Pat Lanyon

Review: Last time we studied giving thanks to the Father as related to doing Godís Will. We learned that the whole idea of doing Godís will includes first being a qualified partaker of actual Christian living. There is an obvious focus on the Father! We gain a full understanding of the Ďmysteryí of Godís will. We come to appreciate what both the Father and also the Son do together in revealing and enabling us to do Godís will. There is peacefulness that controls, a unity that unites if we walk in it. It is a calling revealed through "psalms, hymns and spiritual songs" Ė all of which teach doctrine through Godís Word. Works done which are Godís will are done through Jesus, Godís Son toward the Father in an atmosphere of thanksgiving! And we finally observed the concept of light and itís obvious contrast to darkness, when we think of walking in Godís will.


Prayer Text as in Our Notebook: Now that I have understood better what it means to truly walk worthy of the LORD , I shall be even more enabled to make key decisions concerning Your will for my life. You will moment-by-moment and day-by-day lead me for these CRITICAL CHOICES: 

I now must make...

What follows we will detail in coming weeks. This outline just informs us of the major of decisions we make through life and we will in detail cover them since they are so important.

[2B. Walk worthy of the Lord] "My Walk With The Lord"

2C. According to My Physical Reality: Decisions to ["Walk" in] do GOD'S WILL.

I must make good "life-affecting" decisions, including the major choices of life. I must prepare for and then execute the roles of life: I now consider the choice of my...

GE 2.18,24; 1 CO 7.1,7,24,35,40; MT 19.3-12

1D. MATE (Spouse for life)/ FAMILY
GE 2.18,24; 1 CO 7.1,7,24,35,40; MT 19.3-12

1E. Spouse for _________________Your spouse name here
EP 5.25 Your Anniversary Date: ________________
Prayer  Issues:

2E. Include all children you are given by God, and pray for each one's unique issues here as well.
Son/Daughter PS 127.1 | Issues of Life (PR 4:23)
___________________ > ____________________
___________________ > ____________________
___________________ > ____________________

2D. CHURCH / SCHOOL ___________________
Put your Church name here, and record events and lessons from Godís will here.

______________________________ If still in School, Include it here.

3D. MINISTRY (Spiritual gift) Put your spiritual ministries here. Note: Sign gifts: healings, miracle working, prophecy, discerning of spirits, tongues; were all given temporarily to NT disciples and believers just after the ascension to affirm it's validity. Thereafter, they were not needed.

1CO 12;RO12;EP4;1PE4

The spiritual gifts of today:

1E. Faith
2E. Teaching
3E. Helps (Ministering)
4E. Administration
5E. Exhortation
6E. Giving
7E. Mercy
8E. Evangelism
9E. Pastor-Teacher
10E. Hospitality

4D. HOUSE (dwelling place) Your Current Address: ___________
Then Put your history of residences here as you move in Godís will.
PS 127.1; MT 8.20

5D. WORK (Occupation/Vocation/s) _______________________
To Record your vocational history and how God leads you from job to job.

Col. 1.22