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Tracts Printed or Composed


images only of my 08 tracts

  1. Have You Ever
  2. A Simple Bible Study
  3. After You Believe
  4. The Four Great Questions

Other unprinted Tracts

  1. Un Estudio BÝblico
  2. 2009 Believing STUDY
  3. 2009 Believing STUDY pg 2
  4. Continually Witness
  5. Detailed Teaching on the Doctrine of the Local Church
  6. Giving -- Biblical Teachings
  7. The Key to Prosperity
  8. Reasons I believe that Jesus Christ is God
  9. The Gift of God's Eternal Life
  10. The Deity of Jesus Christ
  11. Divine Revelations to Moses
  12. Growing Up God's Way
  13. How to Change our US Economy Hereafter
  14. From our missionary friends in Mexico -- I Am A Catholic
  15. Is It Okay to Look? (Pornography is an Addiction, and you're hooked before you even know it!)
  16. Psalm 73
  17. Text: When I Survey the Wondrous Cross One of my Favorites
  18. When I Survey -- Hymn History from Sermon Audio
  19. Visual Audio Resources
  20. The Most Amazing Gift Ever Given


Prior (first) and Current Composed Tracts

  1. Have You Ever 1980
  2. Have You Ever Asked... - Image File 1980
  3. Have you ever 2008
  4. A Simple Bible Study 1996
  5. Un Estudio BÝblico 1997
  6. 2007 Printed version: A Simple Bible Study
  7. Bible Reading Plan
  8. Bible Reading Table
  9. Divine Revelations to Moses 1977 Seminary Term Paper for J. D. Price, Exodus to Deuteronomy Class. Spring Semester, 1977
  10. After You Believe 2002 Version
  11. After You Believe 2000 Version
  12. After You Believe 2008
  13. The Four Great Questions 2008
  14. The Key to Prosperity 2010
  15. The Most Amazing Gift Ever Given Dec, 2011 [NEW]


As these versions are updated they will be added and then all former versions will be cleaned out and deleted. Any Use now is welcomed. Please invite people to meet the blessed Savior in any way they are willing to consider Him!

Other Tracts Unprinted

You Can Continually Witness

Giving -- Biblical Teachings

Detailed Teaching on the Doctrine of the Local Church

The Gift of God's Eternal Life


It can make a great difference in their life! See Bernie Meisler for example!

Archives of our Prayer Notebook Documents before 2002:

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