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‘God’s Spiritual Works Part 2’

Tuesday, July 4, 2006 Mr. C. Pat Lanyon



God’s Spiritual Works – the second way hallow God’s Name is to show thanks to God, and the works He does. Last week God’s 1) Salvation and 2) Revelation.

3. Preparation for His Service. Also 5. Below [Leadership Enablement]

PHILIPPIANS 1.6 ‘Being confident of this very thing, that He who has begun a good work in you will complete it until the day of Jesus Christ.’

God’s Work of preparation for service of His servant is well covered in Scripture.

Consider how God did a work to prepare each of these Individuals:

  • Moses, babe in a basket to revered law giver for a mighty nation
  • Joshua, humble assistant to Moses to mighty conqueror of Canaan
  • Caleb, unknown man chosen as one of ten to survey Promised Land to Renown "Well-Able" Leader and Successor to Joshua
  • Gideon, Insignificant man who became a great man of faith for leading 300 valiant soldiers to victory for Israel.
  • Samuel, from innocent child servant to mighty and feared prophet.
  • David, from shepherd boy to the sweet Psalmist of Israel and Unified national ruler.
  • Daniel, from just a youth among the captivity survivors to a mighty Man of God -influencing 3-4 consecutive pagan rulers, and finally trusted with long term prophesies from God Himself. No recorded faults in his life’s history.
  • Isaiah, from the son of an unknown man to the most respected prophet after the Breakup of Israel
  • John, from a fiery ‘son of thunder’ to the most admired and humble apostle of love.
  • Peter, from plain fisherman to a church leader of the first church in Jerusalem.
  • James, from a rejecting half brother of Jesus, to the author of a powerful NT book
  • Mark, from a young, inexperience and faltering disciple of Christ to the renown gospel author
  • Paul, from a zealous Pharisee and persecutor of Christians to the greatest Christian in the NT

For Next Week:

4. Testing of God for that Service. DT 8.2; EX 20.20 Israel was tested by God after the Red Sea, we will also be tested in the Christian Life. 2CORINTHIANS 5:10


5. Leadership Enablement. JOSHUA 3.7 Joshua’s call was to replace Moses!


6. Friendship With God. 1 JOHN 1.7,3 We do have actual fellowship with Almighty God!

7. Privilege to Serve the Almighty God. MATTHEW 5.16; ROMANS 15.6

8. Inheritance from God is assured to Believers. COLOSSIANS 3.24, 1.12; ROMANS 8.17