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Creation Access Folder for APN

This Access Section is to provide you with access to some excellent Creation Material we've found through the years.

  1. Kent Hovind -- Creation Science Evangelism on APN
    We have seen one seminar presented at our church, and though not all his discussions proved acceptable to all attending, the bottom line in Dr. Hovind's life is: he knows how to expose false belief systems and motivate people to do something about it in a personal way, usually resulting in their salvation of soul. Only his Theory is hosted online at APN, but numerous You-tube videos have been downloaded and we urge you to do a search and listen to them. We do have low resolution copies of the entire seminar here. Links are under each part of the outline in WMV format (300k). Kent Hovind was unjustly incarcerated on tax charges in 2006. For more information please see www.freehovind.com. His son, Eric is doing a fine job continuing his seminar series at http://www.creationtoday.org/ .
  2. HDER Table of Contents. From "the Parent company" by Bob Kofahl, and with Kelly L. Segraves, Director of the Creation-Science Research Center this is an excellent pocket size booklet powerfully refutes evolution in a most emphatic and unanswerable way.

    Handy Dandy Evolution Refuter

  3. ICR Institute for Creation Research. Outstanding Creation Information.
  4. The CreationMuseum.org, Answers in Genesis, and Ken Ham have built this excellent testimonial of Creation with the quality of the many state and national "Museums of Natural History" -- all of which are funded and supported by tax-payer dollars to present the otherwise un-fundable one sided evolution theory presented only as fact. We have visited more than once as a family and found it excellent and memorable for the entire family.